Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear One,
    Under My covenant with Abraham, because of the sins of mankind I instituted the religious practice of sacrifices.  The requirement for sins was the shedding of blood, so when My children laid their hands upon the heads of their animal sacrifices, transferring their sins onto the animal, then killing the animal, their sins were forgiven for another year.  The requirement by satan, who entices My children to sin, is death because he is the father of death.  So under the old covenant, which is now extinct, sacrifices released people from the punishment by satan for their sins.
    My institution of My new covenant of the Holy Spirit was that the religious practice of sacrificing sheep and goats became null and void because of the sacrifice of Jesus who died for the sins of the world.  Death for sins of the world were satisfied by the requirements of satan for obeying him.  That is why I said that obedience to My guidance is better than having to make sacrifices.  I said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as the sin of idolatry.  (I Samuel 15:22-24)  In other words, taking My advice, following My guidance and becoming merciful instead of judgmental is better than continuing to be judgmental and then asking for forgiveness. Why is it better for you?  Because when you are judgmental you are sowing seeds into the devil's garden and he will see that you are judged for it.  So you might be flooded with judgment in areas of your life, suffering for your being judgmental, without ever becoming merciful.  Your flesh, your earthly life, will reap judgment for the judgments that you give to others.  So do you see why becoming merciful, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, is better for you than your continuing to be judgmental and reaping judgment upon yourself from satan?   I said that My merciful children obtain mercy.  I said that My children who judge others will be judged by others, as led by satan to do. 
    Jesus taught My children under My new covenant to love their enemies as well as their friends, to return good for evil done to them, to pray for their enemies instead of judging them.  Those were basic keys to My kingdom.  Yet, My children plan and plot against their enemies, thinking they are protecting My name.  They aren't.  They are sowing seeds for their own destruction, yielding to the devil who wants to kill them.
    The merciful actions of My children toward their enemies will result in their obtaining mercy from everyone.  Mercy will sow seeds into My garden of peace and peace will be the result.  It will change the hearts of their enemies, causing their enemies to become their friends.  Peace will reign instead of discord and destruction.
    My children must be careful in desiring to win souls to My kingdom when they are still sowing judgment seeds in judging others instead of being merciful.  They will make disciples of their own judgment instead of making disciples of My peace.
    Always making peace with others was the first thing Jesus taught his followers.  Somewhere it all got lost in religious and political rhetoric. Somewhere the gospel of peace became the gospel of conflict, and it should not be so.  Conflict and judgment are the gospel of satan because he wants to judge My children with their
own judgment.  There is no means for him to judge them without their having judged others.  (Matthew 5:  20-26; 38-45)
    Jesus said it is easy to love those who love you.  (Matthew 5:46-48) He said that loving others who differ in religious practices, actions, political beliefs, in racial and cultural backgrounds, that is the kind of love that brings peace into your life.  Only My Holy Spirit can work the characteristic of love into you.  His fruit of love toward you can become your fruit of love toward others.  My mercy toward the lawbreaker, both religious and civil, will become your mercy because of the indwelling of My Spirit, if you will obey His voice.  Forgiveness and mercy for others are much better than sacrifices of service to your church, paying tithes and saving souls only to make them disciples of judgment if you are judgmental. 
    Jesus said that the children under the old covenant had done all that their priests required of them but he said that woes would come upon their priests, the  scribes and Pharisees, because they had refused to teach people to be merciful and faithful to Me. Instead, because of their laws they became judgmental.  (Matthew 23:23-36) My concerns were for My children who were led into destruction instead of being led into the abundant life.
     Mercy always brings mercy because it sows seeds into My kingdom garden.  Judgment of others always brings judgment upon yourself because it sows seeds into the devil's garden of judgment.  You will reap what you sow. (Galatians 6:7-9)
     Turning to Me for forgiveness will result in instant forgiveness, but there may be judgment returns to come upon you because of your previously sowing judgment.  My forgiveness is instant.  Recovery from judging others may take a while unless you begin to always show mercy to others like I show to you.  Flooding the earth with mercy will stop the flood of judgment from satan upon you for your being judgmental.
    My ways are contrary to the ways of religious tenets.  My ways are kind, loving, good, merciful and peaceful and nonjudgmental. Choose My ways and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Father of Mercy and Peace

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