Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus didn't teach and admonish just to hear His own voice.  He taught you My principles of life which he guarantees will result in your having a peaceful, quiet, prosperous and blessed life.  Every word that proceeded from His mouth was spoken to increase peace in the lives of My children.  The problem is that My ways aren't your normal ways and they have never been the ways of My children since the incident in the Garden of Eden when humans began not only to hear My voice leading to My goodness coming into their lives but also they heard the devil's evil temptations which lead to destruction. (Genesis 2;15-17) Evil ways became the way of self preservation for My children instead of My ways of showing love, goodness and kindness to others.
    When I sent My Son into the earth, I restored My beneficial instructions to My children, ones which would correct the mistakes made which lead to problem after problem.  I started with a simple, elementary principle, do to others as you would have them do to you.  That was so simple that My children overlook it or merely chose to follow it as long as people treat them with kindness.  But when  someone did an evil act toward them, they switched back to the old way of seeking vengeance instead of doing good to them. (Matthew 5;44-45)
     Jesus went into more detail, giving you an example of a principle of love which is to refuse to become angry at someone who offends you.  He said that a person who has anger toward another person is in danger of being judged by the devil, inheriting his destruction. He said that the old laws said not to kill, but his insight and wisdom said not to even be angry with anyone.  He went further and said that anyone who insults another person is in danger of being brought up before the council of hell where the devil becomes your judge.  In a further nugget of wisdom he said that anyone who calls a person a fool is in danger of being liable to the fires of hell, meaning that the person opens himself up to be judged by satan.  He was revealing a truth, that when you yield to the devil's demon of anger that you have joined in unity with him and he will judge you until you have paid the full price. (Matthew 5:21-26)
    Jesus was so emphatic about this nugget of truth that He gave the way to avoid the judgment of hell when you are tempted to be angry with another person or to oppose someone.  He said to make peace with anyone who accuses you of anything or is in opposition to you instead of being angry with the person.  He said that if you don't make peace by apologizing and coming into unity with the person; but if you continue in anger, then the devil will definitely bring you before his council of hell and they will return to you a situation grown from the seeds of anger and you will have to pay the full price for your yielding to the anger instead of forgiving and forgetting the accusatory matter.
    His instructions later in the teaching were to love your enemies, blessing them and doing good to them.  When you are able to do this by the power of My Holy Spirit, you sow seeds into My heavenly kingdom and blessings come upon you and in your life because you will reap My goodness instead of the devil's destruction by your yielding to his temptations and reaping the destruction that he distributes from hell. (Matthew 5:41-43) 
    This key to My kingdom is the most basic one spoken by Jesus.  He was clear, concise and definite about this teaching.  He knew the emotional pull toward doing evil, acting out of negative emotions rather than acting out of My loving emotions, called the fruit of My Spirit (Galatians 5:11-23)
    Anger wants to destroy you.  I want to save you from the works of anger so I told Jesus to speak this key to My kingdom living so that My children would know how to and why to refuse to return evil for evil done to them.
    I am a preserver of My children.  My Holy Spirit makes My ways easy to do.  The benefits of taking My advice are glorious.
    Always return good for evil done to you!
    Your Father of wisdom.          

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