Sunday, November 15, 2015


Dear One,
     It grieves Me that many of My children do not enter into the blessings of My kingdom while in the earth.  Jesus said that not everyone who calls Me Lord will enter into My kingdom of heaven with all of its benefits.(Matthew 7:21-23))  In that series of lectures He was talking about My children who judge others, hold grudges and refuse to forgive, worry and fret instead of having faith, those who refuse to love their enemies, refuse to bless and refuse to do good to their enemies, those who follow after false prophets who teach prejudice, rebellion and war, those who hold lust in their minds, those who swear falsely, and on and on with his identification of the devil's temptations to do evil so the devil will cause you not to inherit My kingdom blessings that I have for you.  (Matthew 5, 6, 7) 
    I do not keep anyone out of My kingdom of heaven while they live in the earth.  The ones who continue to follow the voice of the evil one and do his works will not be able to enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  They might strive to do mighty works in My name, but they continue to follow the voices of evil temptations that are always beckoning My children to obey so they will be unable to inherit My blessings.
    I do not reject anyone.  It is the fruit of evil thoughts, attitudes and actions which plague My children, causing them to display the fruit of the devil in their lives which causes them to never have the right keys to the doors to My kingdom of heaven while they live in the earth.  They curse their neighbors and people of other races and religions but still expect to have the blessings of My heaven in their lives.  It cannot be so because they are serving two masters.  They are attempting to serve Me by professing My name, but they are also following the voices of evil which produce evil actions which are contrary to My character.
    Let Me repeat:  I do not reject anyone.  It is the fruit of the evil one in the lives of My children which block the blessings of My kingdom from flooding into their lives. (Isaiah 59:1-4) I do not condemn anyone. I continue to pursue everyone with admonitions to return to Me so they can be blessed.
    My desire is to bless all of My children.  It is the desire of the devil to rob My children by tempting them to have his evil thoughts, words, attitudes and actions.  I provide My loving, peaceful ways for My children through the power of My Holy Spirit within them.  I provided My Book of Instruction which confirms the words of My Spirit. Those loving, peaceful ways are the narrow way that Jesus taught will allow My kingdom to come into your life. (Matthew 7:13-14)
   I keep open every gate that leads into kingdom life for My children; but, instead,  they often choose the other gates which lead to destruction by listening to and following the voices of anger, hatred, vengeance, strife, conflict, lust, envy, rebellion to governmental authorities, and other demonic thoughts.  They listen to religious preachers, teachers and politicians who desire to built up their own kingdoms instead of establishing My kingdom of love in the earth through the righteous actions of My children.
    Jesus taught while He walked in the earth that even then My kingdom could come into the lives of My children.  He said that when He cast satan out of the life of a person by My finger, who is My Holy Spirit, that My kingdom would no doubt  come upon that person. (Luke 11:20) If you will notice his strong words, Jesus said NO DOUBT My kingdom comes upon the person who has been released from the power of the devil.  NO DOUBT is a strong pronouncement.  When that pronouncement came from the mouth of Jesus it is without any doubt that when the devil's activity is cast out of the lives of My children by an act of their own will, as led by My Spirit, then there is no doubt that those children of mine will walk in all of the blessings of kingdom living that I promise. 
    The narrow gate to My kingdom is to love others as I love you.  When you refuse to hold grudges which would cost you My blessing of peace of mind; when you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you and instead return good to that person; when you forgive instead of entertaining vengeful thoughts which turn into evil actions; when you give everything and more to anyone who asks; when you turn the other cheek when anyone strikes you with words or fists instead of obeying the voice of the devil to strike back, when you love the people of different races, cultures, religions or political persuasions, you are refusing to join in with the devil's plans to keep you from inheriting the blessings of My kingdom.  Jesus said when you, "do the will of My Father," you will be overcome with My goodness that it is My pleasure to give to you.  My instructions are to love others as I love you. (Luke 12:31-32)
    You cannot receive the blessings of My kingdom when you have chosen to think, speak and act in obedience to the voices of evil.  If you do follow his  temptations you have chosen his curses instead of My blessings.
    I rejoice when you, by an act of your will, reject the devil's kingdom of curses and you immediately return to Me for My blessings.  You will again enter into the narrow gate by choosing My ways instead.  By entering into the narrow gate of love, you begin to collect your inheritance by being My child and exhibiting My true character of love.
    Your Loving, Peaceful, Forgiving Father
    (I Corinthians 13)

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