Friday, November 20, 2015


Dear One,
    Rebellious children do not take the advice of their parents.  Instead, they become followers of the unwise advice of their peers or of rebellious adults.  Good parents want to guide their children away from evil influences and evil traps set to lead them to destruction.  Still, many of the children take the advice of those people who are already bound to addictions, injurious actions, unwise activities and unstable environments.
     Unfortunately, it's the same in My family.  Some of My children do not take My advice, the valuable insights that I have given to them since the creation of the earth.  In their demand for independence from My instructions, advice, admonitions and commandments, they have unknowingly followed the guidance of their enemy, the devil, who has cursed My children from the beginning.  There are only two ways, My ways which lead to the abundant life, and the ways of the devil, which lead to destruction.   There is no middle ground, no other voices.  It's either My voice in their thoughts or the voice of the devil in the thoughts of My children.(Genesis 2:17)  Most often, they choose the evil voice because it always glorifies their selfishness instead of speaking of My ways of love and peace.
    Even My most loyal children often fall for the voices of selfishness, being only  conscious of themselves and their own emotions.  They fall for the thoughts in their minds which tell them to strike back when stricken, return evil for evil done to them, go to war when finding peace is always available, killing each other with weapons or offensive and oppositional words, participating in strife and anger in their religions and politics, always hating other people who differ from them instead of loving them as I commanded.
    I warned My children through Jesus and the new covenant prophets that their enemies are not human beings but their enemies are demonic spirits in the air around them.(Ephesians 6:10-18)  Still, they want to fight other humans instead of forgiving them and then following My instructions to only war against the real enemies, the demonic powers in the air, by praying in My Holy Spirit.  They obey the voices of strife and war instead of My voice of love and peace.  They forget that I said what they do to the least of My children they do to Me. (Matthew 25:34-40)
    One key of My kingdom is to learn to discern the difference between My voice of peace and the devil's voice of discord.   My Holy Spirit is the decision maker in discerning which voice is of Me.  He has been given the job of discerning (judging) between the two voices in your thoughts and then giving you the power to follow My guidance of truth instead of the voice of deceit.  (John 16: 8-11)  Your happiness during your life on earth depends upon that discernment because if you do not depend upon My Spirit's guidance you will fall for the devil's plans to bring discord into your life.  Always err on the side of love because My Spirit will always influence you to love others and be peaceful to others, no matter how deceived and deluded they are by the devil.  No person is ever "right" in My kingdom, there is only love for everyone, because love and all of its outgrowths are My RIGHTeousness.
    Sow strife and you will reap more strife in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow anger and hatred and you will reap hatred and anger shown toward you, pressed down and running over in your daily life.
    Sow judgment and you will reap judgment pressed down and running over in your daily life.
    Sow forgiveness and you will reap forgiveness in your daily life, pressed down and running over.  (Luke 6:31-38)
    Sow My love and you will reap love in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow peace and you will reap peace in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow understanding and you will reap understanding in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow My wisdom and you will reap increased wisdom from Me, pressed down and running over. 
    Sow My kingdom of peace into the earth and you will reap the abundant life that I promised, pressed down and running over.
    Seed time and harvest are the enduring principles or keys of My kingdom.  You will reap what you have sown.  If you sow to the devil's spiritual garden of destruction you will reap destruction . If you sow to My spiritual garden of love, you will reap the abundant life that I promised. (Galatians 6:7-10)
    I want you to reap the abundant benefits which are My good pleasure to give you.   Seek My kingdom and live the blessed life. (Luke 12:31-32)
     Your Forgiving, Loving, Peaceful Father

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