Monday, November 2, 2015


Dear One,
    My children have a problem with faithfulness.  Children have a problem being  loyal to their parents, parents often have a problem being loyal to their children, wives have a problem being loyal to their husbands, husbands have a problem being loyal to their wives, workers have a problem being loyal to their bosses, bosses have a problem being loyal to their workers and on and on.  All of that disloyalty is due to the curses of satan in the beginning of the earth when the first man joined into unity with him. 
    There is only one source of loyalty available in the earth and it is in My Holy Spirit who has My character trait of faithfulness. (Galatians 5:22-23)
    The words of their peers are often more important to children than their parents,   their friends are often more important than their children to some parents, their friends are also more important to the husbands and wives than their families, the prosperity of their businesses are more important to bosses than are their workers, their own passions are more important to workers than loyalty to their bosses, and on and on.  So loyalty to anyone seems to be missing in the lives of many of My children. It's nothing new and goes back to the first man in the garden of Eden.  His loyalty to me was compromised by the devil when the devil tempted Adam to listen to him instead of to Me, his real Father. Because of that act of disloyalty, everything in the earth became cursed by the devil who gained control of the passions of the first man and woman. Those curses became part of the DNA genetic makeup of all of My children. (Genesis 3:14-21)
    Because of the gene of disloyalty, My children under My covenant with Abraham were constantly going after other gods, making gods of their own making through graven images.  They wanted gods they could touch and see, not a Father who was present in heaven around them with an overall view of what was happening in their world, able to lead and guide them into the waters of peace and prosperity. Disloyalty or unfaithfulness was rampant.  The problem still persists today with unfaithfulness among My children.  They make their own gods, either their friends, their priests, their preachers, their churches, their political parties, their politicians or their religious doctrines because they seem more powerful than Me because human gods can be touched and seen with human eyes and heard with human ears.   The problem is that all people are clay just like you. They will fail you, die away. 
    My plan from the beginning was that I would get My personal words back into the lives of My children but first I had to reintroduce loyalty and faithfulness back into the world, which I did through My Son Jesus.  He remained faithful to Me, even resisting the temptations of the devil who wanted to do to Him what he did to Adam, take His loyalty away from Me and put it on himself and his evil kingdom.  Jesus stayed faithful to Me and after His death and resurrection He sent My Spirit into the earth with His traits of steadfastness and loyalty.  Through the power of My Holy Spirit, My children are able to stay loyal to their children, their wives, their husbands, their bosses and to Me.  They are still tempted by the devil to stray from their being completely yoked to Me, but My Spirit gives them the power to resist the devil and be loyal and faithful to Me and to their families. (Matthew 17:17; Matthew 25:20-23)
     You must have mercy upon My children who stray from loyalty to Me. Faithfulness to Me is only possible with the power of My indwelling Holy Spirit.  Love is only possible through Him.  Peace is only possible through Him.  Mercy is only possible through Him.  Joy is only possible through Him.  Goodness toward others is only possible through Him.  Kindness is only possible through Him.  Faithfulness to Me and others is only possible through the power of My Holy Spirit. 
     You must also be merciful to your brothers and sisters who are enticed away from faithfulness to Me by the devil's passions or by corrupt religious and political wooing by the devil.  They are deceived, as in the beginning with the first man.  Jesus died for those who are deceived as well as those who are caught in the clutches of sin. (Luke 16:10-14)
     My children who hear My voice, as delivered by My Holy Spirit to them, and take My advice will always be loyal and faithful to Me and to their families because I am loyal to My children.  They become loyal to others and to Me by the power of My Spirit.     
    My Holy Spirit has the commission to place My personality trait of faithfulness, steadfastness and loyalty within My children who are led by My Spirit.  It is only through Him that My children can be faithful to anyone and to Me.
    My Spirit gives to My children the power to refuse the temptations of the devil which come into their minds.  He also gives My children the power to remain faithful and loyal to their families and to Me.  There is no other power available in the earth to provide loyalty and faithfulness except through My Holy Spirit. He is always available to you to make you into My image of faithfulness.
    Your Faithful Father      

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