Thursday, November 5, 2015


Dear One,
    Some of My children, even in this age of enlightenment by My Holy Spirit, still believe that I am a killer.  They believe that I am the originator of storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, believing that all of those are used by Me to punish the inhabitants of the earth for sinning.  They use the scriptures of the old covenant with Abraham in which to prove that I am a killer.  The writers during the old covenant were ignorant of the devil's work in the earth so they attributed his work to Me.  Some of My children in your age who know the devil is the killer and destroyer believe that I allow him to be my enforcer of punishment.  I said that My children must not be deceived.  I do not allow any killing and destruction. 
    The truth is that My children allow the devil to do his killing and destruction in their world by cooperating with him in his temptations, obeying him by speaking curses upon their world.  They speak bitter words of racial, social, religious and political prejudice. That is the work of the evil one, the devil.  They rob from the poor in refusing to meet the needs of the downtrodden. That is the work of the evil one, the devil.  They return evil for evil done to them.  That is the work of the devil in order to multiply his curses in the earth.  They curse everyone who offends them.  Cursing is the work of the devil.  Instead of doing good to those who offend them, they do the same evil to the offenders that was done to them.  That is the work of the devil because he loves to extend his offensive works to everyone.   None of those things are My work.  They are the works of the devil, as allowed by My children.
    When I said that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven, that means whatever you allow on earth is allowed in heaven. (Matthew 16: 19) As the overseers of the earth, which was the ministry that I gave My children when I created the first man, whatever My children allow the devil to entice them to do, and they do it, then they have allowed the devil's work to be done in the earth.  I have no part in the evil matters.  My duty in the earth is to save My children from the destruction.  But, I can only do it when they leave their unity with the devil and return to Me.  When that happens, I rush in to save My children from the destruction they allowed satan to do in their lives. (John 3:16-7) I have no judgment or condemnation for My children because I do not judge and I do not condemn.  I walked the earth in My Son Jesus and I know the subtle temptations to do evil works in the earth as devised by the devil.  I am the One who saves.  The devil is the one who kills and robs. (John 10:10)
     Why would I tell My children not to kill if I was a killer through diverse weather changes?  I would have to have multiple personalities if I were a killer.  I don't.  That is what James was talking about when he wrote that I have no shadow of turning, being evil on one hand and then being loving on the other hand.  (James 1:13-17) No. I am not. I am Love and there is no truth to differ with that revelation. 
    Jesus came to earth to save My children, not to kill them by punishing them for sinning. The only punishment for sins comes from the devil who entices My children to sin and then he punishes them for obeying him. Sin is its own punishment.  I do not punish anyone.
    I am sovereign in the heavens but I am not sovereign in the earth unless My children allow Me to be the lords of their lives, making Me their motivator, their counselor, their teacher, their advocate, their Father to whom they listen and then take My advice. I gave the earth to men in the beginning and I do not usurpt the authority I gave to them .  However, through the power of My Holy Spirit I can become soverign in the lives of those people who actually live and move and have their beings in Me.  Through those children I become the sovereignty that I am in the heavens.    
    My saving plan for the earth was that My Spirit would  be given permission by My children to live in them and transform them into My image.  When that happens, when My children become love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithful and patient, like I am, then I am sovereign through them in their little piece of the world because they govern the earth through My guidance. 
    Forgiveness must always be the reaction of My children toward others.  Keeping peace with everyone must be the motivation of My children who make Me lord of their lives. Mercy toward every lawbreaker, every rebellious person, the poor, the deceived, the addicted, the weak and those who sins have debilitated them are the actions of My children who know My mercy.  Loving everyone as I love you is the key to doing what I ask of My children.  When you love everyone as I love you, My kingdom will overtake you and you will experience kingdom living while in the earth.  It's very simple, loving others, being merciful to others and keeping peace with everyone brings heaven to earth for you.  
    Your Loving, Merciful and Peaceful Father     

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