Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Dear One,
    My instructions, My advice, My guidance, My admonitions, My warnings, My cautions, My counsels, all of My words to you bring life.  The temptations of the devil, the impressions of the devil, all of the words of the devil bring death to you.  That is what the scripture means, "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death," the spirit of death being the devil who uses old covenant laws to condemn My children. (Romans 8:2-6)
    There are two voices who speak in your thoughts, My Holy Spirit who leads you to the abundant life that I promised through loving others as I love you; and then there is the voice of the devil who tempts you to be angry, selfish, self consumed, judgmental, volatile, vengeful and hateful which lead to death and destruction.  The death that he fosters begins with destruction of family unity, the death of mental peace, the death of relationships, the death of prosperity, the ceasing of doing acts of kindness and goodness from you which will lead eventually to emotional and  physical death,  That is his mode of operations, killing you in slow, unrecognized ways.
     My ways are opposite from the evil ways.  They are to love everyone as I love you and through that love you will honor others, validate others, restore others to your love, forgive others, reconcile others to your good graces if there is opposition, bless others regardless of their attitudes and actions, and give to those people who are in need,  The only way that you can do those things and be extensions of My love is to choose to take the instructions of My Holy Spirit to heart and become a doer of My words instead of a hearer only.  When you choose My voice of love that appears in your thoughts and are written in your heart, following My guidance, you will find yourself being flooded with My blessings. (Romans 8:10-13)
     I said there are ways that lead to destruction and there are ways that lead to life.  You have the choice every minute of the day which voice to follow, either the one which only leads to death or My words which only lead to prosperity in every area of your life.  All of My instructions have to do with how you treat other people.  They have nothing to do with how many times you go to church or synagogues, how much money you give to an organization, how many religious classes you take or how many religious books you read.  It has to do with how you, as led by My Spirit, treat others, especially the unlovable ones.  
    Jesus said that those who feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, house the homeless, clothe the naked, visit the sick, minster to those in prison, all as led by My Spirit to love others, those people will enter into the blessings of My kingdom.   He said that in doing those things to others you do them to Me.  (Matthew 25:33-40) 
     I do not reject anyone because they do not love and keep peace with everyone.  Their negative actions toward others cause them to be judged by the devil and kept out of the benefits of My family life.  Displaying the character of the evil one is what causes My children to disqualify themselves as My true children who are inheritors of My blessings of goodness.
     I seek to restore all of My children to My graces.  I send out myriads of angels to entice them back into My family so that they will enjoy the benefits of My kingdom life instead of the cursed life in the pigpen of strife and judgment. 
     Choosing to follow My guidance of loving others as I love you always results in living a blessed, happy, joyful, peaceful, love filled life.  I even give you the Spirit of Love who guides you to thoughts, attitudes and actions which display My character of love.  Hear His words that are written on your heart and observe them.  The abundant life is awaiting you. (John 14:23-26)
     Your Father of Promise  

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