Monday, November 16, 2015


Dear One,
    All good parents want the best things in life for their children.   To facilitate that, the parents give wise guidance to their children so that the children will avoid making decisions themselves that will result in injury or destruction. When the children do not take the advice of their parents and there are bad consequences, good parents always rescue their disobedient children, instruct them on what should have been done, and then restore the children to their good graces.  The parents hope that the bad consequences from the bad choices have taught their children that their parents know how to help them avoid the pitfalls of life by their taking the advice of their parents.
   It's the same thing with My children.  I give to them My heavenly GPS system in the person of My Holy Spirit and trust that they will take his advice when He guides them around pitfalls and traps set by their enemies which are meant to afflict them, leading to some form of destruction or even death.  I know every tempting trick of the devil and I know where he has set up circumstances in an effort to cause disdain in the lives of My children.  I cannot stop the devil's plans because I do not have authority in the earth since I gave authority to My children, told them through Adam that I gave them the authority to have dominion over the earth.  Adam gave some of his authority to the devil when he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, retaining the ability to hear from Me but also cursing the lives of people by allowing the devil access into the earth to tempt My children to do his evil works. 
    I sent salvation into the world through My Son Jesus, allowed Him to die for the sins of the world, take back from the devil the authority I originally gave to people and I give it back to My children who receive My Holy Spirit.  Through the gift of My Holy Spirit in their lives, My children have the authority and ability to refuse to obey the temptations of the devil.  In addition, they have the authoritative power to overcome the works of the devil.  The first step in overcoming those works is to take My advice given to you via My Holy Spirit.  He will lead and guide you, He will counsel you, He will warn you, He will provide for you all knowledge and wisdom necessary for the abundant life.  He will take what is Mine, as Jesus said, and give it to you.(John 16:13-15) He shows you how to avoid the pitfalls set by your enemy to trap you and afflict you with his miserable curses.
     I said in My Instruction Book that I gave you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-4)  Through Jesus I revealed Myself to My children as their Father.  To the people of the old covenant through which the flesh of Jesus was born, I was known only as a heavenly king.  They transferred to Me the personality of their own kings, as a distant deity who was ever ready to punish them for every infraction of their laws.  When Jesus referred to Me, He called Me "Our Father".  That was heresy to the people of that old covenant. 
     I revealed My true relationship with My children through Jesus.  My Spirit solidifies My Fatherly parental relationship with My individual children when He reveals personally to them that they are My children, not My servants as was thought during the old covenant relationship with Abraham and his descendants. (Matthew 5:9; Romans 8:16-17)  The suffering to which you are called is in refusing the temptations of the evil one to do his will. Jesus did it and He gave you My Spirit, the same power that He possessed.
    You are My children of promise, children to whom I never break a promise but am always loyal and loving. (Galatians 4:28; Matthew 7:21)  My Spirit is always leading and guiding you onto the right but narrow path that lead to receiving My blessings. (John 16:13) He leads you away from the paths that lead to spiritual, emotional and physical destruction, which are wide because people have given the devil permission on so many occasion to curse their lives with his works.
   Following My guidance results in your receiving your rewards, as My Holy Spirit said.  (Hebrews 11:6)  The rewards are the blessings that I promised to My children who follow My guidance around the pitfalls of life into the blessings of life.
   So, then, it is the same thing in My family as it is in earthly families.  I provide perfect guidance for you through My Holy Spirit and I lead you to make the right choices and decisions that will lead you onto the paths which produce blessings instead of curses, life instead of destruction.  That's what good fathers do and I am your Good Father.  It is My good pleasure to give you everything that I want My children to have. (Luke 12:32)
    My heart leaps for joy when My children take My advice in their daily lives and follow My advice which leads them onto the paths where My blessings will flow easily and abundantly to them.  It all begins with loving others as I love you.
    Your Father of Rewards

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