Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Dear One,
    I said that I will make all things new after all old things have passed away.  When My children hold onto old thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, My new beginnings cannot come into their lives because they have chosen old fleshly poisons instead of choosing My new beginnings which will bless them.  Jesus explained this important choice when He taught about new cloth patches sown onto old garments and new wine poured into old wine skins.  (Matthew 9:16-17)  There is no effective fellowship between the former works of evil and My present works in the life of a person.  Light and darkness cannot coexist.  Jesus said to make your life light instead of making it dark because there is no fellowship between My family and the family of satan. (Luke 11:34-36)
     The problem with My children who are not walking in an abundance of My blessings is that they are unknowingly trying to mix the curses from the demons of the old life in with My new life of blessings.  They cannot exist together.  My children are choosing the darkness of satan over My light.  They are spiritually ignorant of My teachings because they listen to men who only teach them to beg Me to change the circumstances of their lives or who teach that they need to wait until I come back to earth for blessings to flow to them.   Instead I teach them to change their thoughts, attitudes, words and actions from the programming of their former lives that brought curses into their lives, and instead to adopt My new programming of love, peace, forgiveness, mercy and kindness which will bring an abundance of blessings into their lives.  They began a new life with new beginnings brought by the new birth of My Holy Spirit but, like the Galatians, they were bewitched into returning to the old demonic programming of their minds.  (Galatians 3:1-9)  
    Instead of mixing the old programming in with My new life in you, I coached you to allow Me to renew your minds by the power of My Spirit.  (Romans 12:1-2)  When you allow Me to renew your mind, then My new beginnings of a multitude of blessings for you will flood into your life.  New beginnings with a multitude of blessings do not come from your begging Me to change your circumstances.  New beginnings come from your allowing Me to renew your mind, changing it from  its former programmings by the devil's darkness into My programmings of light. 
     My Holy Spirit is the tutor who feeds My wisdom and knowledge into your mind, putting new wine into the new wine skin, which is from your newly regenerated spirit and into your mind.  I teach you how to love unconditionally, how to have mercy and forgive unconditionally, how to keep peace with everyone, your enemies as well as your family, and how to spread My goodness and kindness into the lives of other people in the earth.  My desire is that you will do My will in the earth constantly, becoming My image in your world.  Politics can't do it and religion can't do it.  Only My Holy Spirit provides the power in you to do My will in the earth.   
    All healing comes from the inside out.  All of My new beginnings for you come from the inside out, not from the outside in.  They come from changes made by My Holy Spirit in your thoughts, attitudes, the words from your mouth and the actions taken by you, all of which come from My Spirit who lives in your spirit and infuses My wisdom into your mind.  He has all of the keys to My kingdom living.  Those keys of My kingdom make it possible for you to be blessed beyond imagination as you loose My blessings to come upon you.  (Matthew 16:19)
    I have already given My blessings to My children.  Your mission is to use My keys of wisdom to unlock every door to rooms in which My blessings are stored so that you will be able to incorporate them into your life.  They have your name already imprinted upon them. They are yours.  Nobody else can access them.  Only you can unlock the doors because they belong to you.
    For every one of the old programming of your mind that you allow to pass away, there are additional blessings of My love which overflow into your life.   Cast off the old programming and take on the newness of My Holy Spirit. 
    Your Father of Goodness and Kindness           

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