Monday, January 9, 2017


Dear One,
    Your arch enemy, the devil, cannot create anything because he is not a creator.  He can only take what is Mine and use it against you and Me by taking them to an extreme or using them erroneously.  One example is judging.  He uses My written laws given through Moses under an old covenant with the Jews to tempt you to judge someone by the person's actions in disobeying those laws. The laws were never meant to be used by My children to judge others. They were given so that people would be able to identify the works of the devil and avoid joining with him in his destructive ways.  
     In other words, religious laws under Moses were given so that you would know that thoughts in your mind to kill, steal, covet and other temptations are from hell, and not from Me.  They were given by Me to help My children identify the works of the devil. (Romans 5:12-15)  But, satan uses them to entice you into doing his will of judging others in the earth and thus inheriting destruction and death. The devil uses the religious laws to give you standards by which to judge others by their lack of obedience to them.  That is an erroneous use of the religious laws given to the Jews. 
    Also, the devil uses his temptations to engage you in mental exercises of judging others by their acceptable or unacceptable dress, by their hair styles, by their correct or incorrect grammar, by their manners or lack of manners, by their success or lack of success, by their professional or unprofessional acceptance, by their cleanness or uncleanness and by other things covered in religious and social laws.  That is where the problem begins for My children because of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping that I put into existence in the earth at the beginning relating to crops.  My instilling principles in the earth relating to crops was never meant to be used relating to judging others.  They were meant to help My children sow seeds for good crops which would support and feed their families.  When Adam allowed the devil into the earth, the devil enticed Adam and his first family to use that good spiritual law relating to crops for his evil, just like he always does.  A good spiritual principle was perverted into causing My children to judge others and condemn others, using religious laws as standards of acceptable or unacceptable behavior.(Galatians 6:7-10)
    The devil also used My principles found in religious laws to cause My children to let the devil judge and condemn themselves, thus causing guilt and condemnation to haunt them all of their lives.  Guilt and condemnation are two attitudes of judgment which keep My children in bondage to the devil and his works. (Romans 5:16-21) My children who do not intimately know Me are held in fear of punishment by Me by the devil's words of guilt and condemnation placed in their minds.  Those words of guilt and condemnation do not come from Me.  They come from the devil in order to hold you in bondage to fear of Me.  My words to My children who hear My voice will only be My words of mercy and forgiveness. 
    Listen to these words:  The devil is not used by Me as an emissary of Mine to keep you in line and test your loyalty to Me.  That is a lie from hell.  I would be a cruel Father if that were true.  The devil is an alien spirit whom I cast out of My heaven because of his preference for evil.  I did not send him into the earth to test the loyalty of My children.  In fact, I instructed Adam and now I instruct all of My children not to allow him to gain entrance into their lives by their yielding to his tempting thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  I said that his ways bring death and destruction but My ways bring life and soul peace.
    I said in My new covenant of love that I do not give to you a spirit of fear.  (I John 4:17-21) I said that I give you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:6-7)  The fear of punishment from Me is a demonic spirit and it comes from the devil.  His perversion of everything that I created is how he gains entrance into the lives of My children.  Religious laws and political tenets are used by him to condemn My children and cause them to judge and condemn others, thus acting from the devil's nature and character.
     Mercy and forgiveness are from Me.  My children who act from My nature and character spread mercy and forgiveness in the world because everyone has missed the mark of perfection that I wish My children to attain, which is becoming an image of My love in the world. (Romans 6:6-14)
     Every facet of My personality and character was portrayed through My son Jesus.  Every word that came from His mouth related to My will which brings goodness to every area of your life.  There is no other image that you have of My true nature other than Jesus Christ.  My Holy Spirit wants to create My nature and personality in you so that people in the world will be able to witness My character in you and want to know Me and become like Me.  (Acts 1:8; Matthew 5:16)
     Your Father of Goodness and Kindness

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