Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Dear One,
     My Son Jesus was the first person to every speak words directly from My mouth.  His words were directly from My mind of wisdom.  The prophets of old spoke My words also, but not with purity.  Not until My Son came into the world did My perfect will become known to people. 
     I warned My children through the prophets of old and through Jesus about national pride and personal pride. that both would produce a fall caused by an invasion in the earth of demons from hell called the spirits of antichrist.  Remember that I said that the spirit of antichrist was active in the world even when Jesus walked the world. (I John 4:3)  In other words, I was saying that demonic spirits were active in the earth which would water down the words of Jesus or make His words of no importance, just like they had done since Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth with his demons which produced temptations and curses which came upon people who obeyed their temptations.
    Even in the temptation in the Garden of Eden the devil said, "Did God really say ----" such and such.  Can't you see the deception, questioning the full extent of My words?  Because of that element of pride, which questioned My words, the devil convinced Adam and Eve to allow evil to enter into the world.  Throughout My dealings with the nation of Israel, pride resident in the leaders and in the people caused them to always question My words and water them down with logic, convincing them that I didn't really mean what I said. Therefore they sowed seeds to the kingdom of evil which caused other people to conquer them and then they blamed the evil on Me.  All the time it was the devil's spirits who were responsible for My children questioning in their minds My instructions to them. 
     My children do the same things today, questioning My direct instructions to them from Jesus Christ, the One who conquered evil in the earth, in hell and then rose from the dead, sending My Holy Spirit to live in whoever invites Him.  My Spirit gives credence and importance to the words of Jesus, explaining them fully in the minds of My children who seek to know Me face to face.  ((john 14:21; John 14:26) Those children of mine who treasure My words will keep My words because they love Me.  They will believe My words to never return evil for evil but instead to return good for evil, knowing that if they return evil for evil that they are activating the demons from hell to come against them with curses, but if they return good for evil that they are activating My kingdom to work in their behalf, bringing blessings into their lives instead of curses.  (Matthew 5:38-48) 
    There are many of My children who believe the words in their minds of the antichrist, words which water down or completely negate the words of Christ about how to treat their fellow man of never returning evil for evil. (Romans 12;19-21) The temptations of the spirits of antichrist convince My children who call themselves by My name that Jesus did not really mean not to yield to evil because he wants you to protect yourself from evil people, kill them and conquer them.  Jesus said that when you return good for evil that you conquer the evil that motivated someone to come against you.  Some of My children reject that truth because of being flesh minded instead of being Spirit minded.  They go from problem to problem because they sown seeds in the kingdom of hell, reaping destruction from hell  instead of sowing seeds in My kingdom and reaping success and blessings. 
    The spirits of antichrist, which negate the teachings of Jesus, have put a veil over the minds of My children.  My children who do not depend upon My Holy Spirit for their guidance and teachings will always go back under old covenant laws and old covenant national prophesies and will inherit destruction and death.  They have blindly been led by the spirit of antichrist who constantly negates in their minds the importance of the teachings of Jesus Christ in an effort to lead them astray, which he succeeds in doing.   Instead of being humble they become prideful and arrogant, ignorantly forgetting that nations of old fell out of My blessings because of them.   They inherit the woes of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites instead of inheriting My blessings that come from taking My advice through Jesus and by the power of My Holy Spirit and taking My advice which opens the gates of heaven for them. (Matthew 23:13-33)
    You must be prepared that every time you read My words or meditate on my words to you through Jesus that there will be thoughts in your mind which say, "God didn't really mean that.  It was just for the people in the time of Jesus," or other words which come from the spirit of antichrist which negates My words through Jesus Christ.  That is why those thoughts are called the anti-Christ, because they are completely opposed to His words or negate His words in some way.
     Pride always goes before a fall.  It will cause you to make My valuable, protective words to you of no effect and make your own thoughts and words, which have been influenced by the spirit of antichrist to be of more importance.  The spirit of antichrist will see that your peace is destroyed, your family is dysfunctional, your prosperity is robbed from you, and your life is filled with destruction until you die. 
     I am grieved when My children do not live My kingdom life of blessings while in the earth because they have not have loved Me enough to give credence to My words and follow them like obedient children because they know that I have their best interests at heart. 
     Humility will cause My children to seek My words and My righteousness and they will believe that all good things will be added to their lives. (Matthew 4:17; Matthew 6: 9-10; Matthew 6:31-33 ) 
     Your HUMBLE FATHER                 

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