Thursday, January 5, 2017


Dear One,
    We have established by the principles in My Instruction Book to you that the way for new beginnings to be effective in your life is that old things must pass away.  Your bondage to old thoughts, attitudes, words and actions must be broken completely in order for Me to establish you in My family and bless you with the valuable inheritance that I set aside for you from the foundation of the world.  You cannot hold onto the things of the devil's kingdom and also enjoy the things of My kingdom because light and darkness do not mix.  Getting rid of the attitudes and actions that come from darkness is imperative for you to have My heaven while you live in the earth. (Matthew 6:22-24)
    One of the first things that My Son Jesus told you to do is to repent, which means to turn away from old mental programming and take on My life, being programmed by Me instead of being programmed by evil spirits.  (Matthew 4:17)The old programming is what is responsible for your being in the hell on earth that is so mentally, physically, emotionally and physically distressing for you.  My promises to you when you became born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit is that you will have My entire kingdom at work in your life if you will listen to My words given to you through My Holy Spirit, taking My advice and doing the admonitions that I so eagerly wrote to you in My Book.  I give you the authoritative power to get rid of the things that I caution you to exorcise from your life.  (John 15:5-12)
    Repenting means to turn away from your former mental and emotional programming and to take on the admonitions of Jesus and the programming of My Holy Spirit who only speaks My words to you.  Repent does not mean to throw yourself on the ground in regret, begging for forgiveness.  There is no forward direction from you in that religious act.  My acts of repentance for you are that you turn from the devil's thoughts, attitudes, words and actions and instead take on My own programming of love, peace, goodness, kindness and mercy which will bring heaven on earth to you.   I said that if you do what I command you to do under My covenant of love, that you will ask what you will and it will be done for you.  (Matthew 21:21-22) I didn't say it might be done.  I said what you ask will be done to you because you have established yourself as My child by your obedience to Me. 
     My will becomes the most important and only directive in your life when you completely establish yourself as My child by doing My will.  All old religious and political practices which only produced destruction in your life must be rejected and My new commands to you must be followed in order for you to become My child of blessings.  Truly dedicated children obey the commands of their fathers because they trust their fathers to be informed and truthful.  My children have tried the devil's fatherly ways and have experienced hell on earth. (John 8:42-45)  When they turn from those selfish and destructive ways, becoming determined to do My will in their lives, then they will begin to experience the heaven on earth that I promised when Jesus prayed that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 3:2; Matthew 6:9-19)  He said that when My will is done on earth that My kingdom comes into the life of that person.  That person has repented, turning from his or her former programming and taking on My programming, which changes My children into My image.
     So rejecting the programming of the devil, turning from being dedicated to him, and instead becoming programmed by Me to become loving, kind, peaceful, merciful and patient is My desire for you, which enables you to have heaven on earth.  Repenting means rejecting the old programming and obeying My new command to love others as I love you.  (John 13:34)  Jesus said if you love Me that you will follow My guidance. 
    First, reject the old programming of the devil by repenting, turning from doing his evil and instead doing My good actions in the world.  When you do, you will have kingdom living and all of My blessings will overtake you.  You will enjoy My miracles every day of your life because you have become truly My child, as evidence by your loving others as I love you.
    Repenting begins with a decision to be determined to defeat every evil work of the devil in your life, anger, hatred, judgment, strife, jealousy, religious and political idolatry, division, disgust, wrath, envy, drunkenness, ranting, raving, lying, fornicating. uncleanness and adultery, refusing to do them when those evil works tempt you.  It is not your responsibility to defeat them in other people unless I give you the anointing to drive those spirits out of a person.  It is your duty to love and forgive the people who are entangled with those evil works but not to do the evil works yourself or you will be destroyed.
     Make the decision to only be bound in loyalty to Me and My kingdom of love.  There are huge and rewarding benefits to being loyal to Me.  Having heaven on earth is the greatest benefit.  
    Your Father Whose Pleasure It Is to Give You My Kingdom 

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