Friday, January 6, 2017


Dear One,
     In all new beginnings there must be dramatic changes in behavior or there will be no benefits that occur as a result of new beginnings. When old attitudes and behaviors are taken into new beginnings, then the new beginnings become as destructive as the old circumstances and situations in your life.  All things have to become new for new beginnings to be of any benefit to you.  I said ALL things must become new.
    Take a marriage, for instance, as Jesus did in one of His teachings.  When a person divorces and remarries, if his or her attitudes and behaviors do not change, then the new marriage is just as destructive to the person as the old marriage that was left behind.  When Jesus counseled the woman at the well who had had five husbands and had lived with other men, He told her that the living waters that He gives will result in a new life with new thoughts, new attitudes, new speech and new actions.  He knew that she was powerless to change without the supernatural power of My Spirit that empowered Himself.  The truth that he spoke to her was that when My Holy Spirit comes into the life of a person, that that person will worship Me in the Spirit and in truth.  He said that she would have the power to change into My image in the earth as My truth became real to her, giving her the power to change and remain changed if she so desired. (John 4:6-24) My love, peace and joy would be in her life instead of more husbands who could not save her from evil works.
    I promised that your joy would be full and overflowing when you do away with the old attitudes of anger, strife, discord and judging which have brought destruction into your life.  They are the devil's programming in your mind and they make you sad, depressed and hopeless.  My Spirit makes you joyful, peaceful and filled with faith as you allow Him to change you from the inside out, giving you new thoughts, attitudes, words to speak and actions to take.  Those things have to change before your life is filled with joy.  My Holy Spirit is your tutor who brings My new life into you and your old life, changing it into the life that I intended when I created the world, giving you the faith to be attentive to My words and live in harmony with Me and with all people.
       As changes are made in the life of a person because of being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  ALL old things must be left behind, all old programming from childhood, all ineffectual religion practices and all divisive politics must be rejected and new programming by My Spirit must be welcomed into their minds by My children.  If not, then the old will poison the new life and make the new birth that I instituted in the life of the person of no effect.  A person cannot bring the thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions of a cursed life into a new blessed life and expect his or her new life to be filled with the peace and joy that I promised.  (John 15:10-11) Either hold onto the old or hold onto the new.  Mixing them will result in continuing in a destructive life.  If you are determined to have My complete joy, then you will embrace My new command to love others as I love you.
    Take off the attitudes of the old life and put on the attitudes of My new life is My advice to you.  (Colossians 3:5-14)  When you do, you will have an abundance of joy and peace. That is My desire for you.  It is My pleasure to teach you how to have My kingdom of love in your life.  If you are willing and obedient, you will inherit all of the good of My heaven in your earthly life. (John 8:51; John 14:23-27)
     Your Father of Joy and Peace.  

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