Friday, January 20, 2017


Dear One,
    From the beginning of time, My children have been charged by Me with choosing good over evil.  I told the first man, Adam, not to choose to become acquainted with evil, but he was deceived by the creator of evil, the devil, and he did not take My advice.  Instead, he joined in unity with evil and the result was the spiritual pollution of the earth with evil spirits who entice all My children to do evil deeds which multiply and curse their existence in the wonderful world that I gave to them.  I made a way out by sending one of their own beings, Jesus Christ, whose mother was supernaturally conceived by My Holy Spirit and He was commissioned to die for the disobedient acts of all people.   I ALWAYS HAVE A WORKABLE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN.
    After Jesus Christ paid the price for the sins of everyone in the world, He came back to My heaven to live with Me and We sent the same Holy Spirit who impregnated His mother Mary, causing her to conceive Him and birth Him, the same Holy Spirit with My power who raised Him from the dead, and We sent the same Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My children who choose to do My works of good in the earth, making them supernatural rather than their having merely earthly natural power.  Those of My children who choose to receive My Holy Spirit are supernaturally charged with My power to overcome the evil in the world.  (Acts 1:7-9)  YES, I ALWAYS HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN. 
    After the day of Pentecost when My Spirit first began to live in My earthly children, they began to do supernatural works in the earth, defeating evil in various ways because of the spiritual power that was resident in them, that power that was given to them by My Very Own explosive and authoritative Holy Spirit.  I did not leave them without power, as Jesus said. (John 14:12-18)  He said that He would not leave you powerless but that you would have the same power that raised Him from the dead, that it would be living in you with the power to overcome all of the works of evil.  That was a momentous day in the earth, when I sent My own Holy Spirit to live in My children who choose to do My good works over the devil's evil works in the earth.  (Acts 2:1-4)  AGAIN, YES, I ALWAYS HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN WHO ARE LED BY MY SPIRIT. 
     My Spirit filled children began to do My works of good in the earth but the father of evil, the devil, did not give up easily.  Impregnating the minds of My children with his evil ways, called the works of the flesh, allowed him to deceive My children again and become lord of their lives in many ways.   Their works of good, done through the power of My Spirit, were mixed with works of evil, done through the temptations of the devil.  Good began to be overcome with evil in many ways because some of My children began to be deceived by the devil's temptations and evil began to pollute again the heaven on earth that I created for My children, after I even gave them My very own power of My Holy Spirit to discern evil and to overcome evil.  They began to allow the devil to rob them of their power to do good.  AS ALWAYS, I STILL HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN. 
    I commissioned several of My children to produce an Instruction Book composed of various books which outline the works of My Holy Spirit but also which identify the works of the evil spirits who are empowered by the father of evil, the devil.  In the Book I outlined the many ways to overcome evil and I included a history of the struggles with evil that all of My children have while they live in the earth.  I also tell how to overcome every thought, every attitude, every evil word spoken and every evil action taken by them which pollutes the heaven on earth that I desire for My children.  Within the two gifts from Me, My Holy Spirit and My Instruction Book, are contained everything necessary for an abundant life and walking in the godliness of being My children while living in the earth.  (II Peter 1:2-9)  With the combination of My Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit, effective workable solutions was instituted in the earth which lead to the solutions for all problems of My children to be known and implemented. YES, WITH THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT AND MY INSTRUCTION BOOK, THE BIBLE, YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER AND INFORMATION TO OVERCOME EVERY PROBLEM.
     The problems which remain are that My children do not believe that their own thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of judgment and condemnation meted out by themselves upon other people are what cause them to be also judged and condemned.  When they join in unity with the father of judgment, the devil, they also receive his judgment and condemnation.  Problems flood into their lives and they never connect the problems with their own judgments and condemnations of others.  (Matthew 7:1-6)  They also join in unity with the devil by yielding to his thoughts of fear and terror which are indicators that they believe the thoughts of the evil one more than they believe Me.  They arm themselves with weapons to fight their sisters and brothers in the earth rather than arming themselves with My power to overcome evil.  They yield to anger from hell when someone opposes them instead of yielding to My Holy Spirit who always teaches them to forgive so that they will be forgiven.   Instead of rejecting thoughts of anger, judging, condemning and fear, they yield to those demons and return to the pigpen with the devil as their lord. They leave My sanctuary of peace on earth and return to hell on earth which was their former state of mind. all because they have been deceived again.  I NEVER GIVE UP ON MY CHILDREN.  I CONTINUE TO LEAD THEM AND GUIDE THEM INTO SOLUTIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE WHEN THEY RETURN TO ME TO SAVE THEM FROM THE EFFECTS OF THEIR JOINING IN UNITY WITH THE FATHER OF EVIL.
     My Holy Spirit is always ready to teach you, to train you in righteousness, to identify evil works, to caution you to impending traps set by the devil to entice you to again yield to his attitudes, and to empower you to refuse the temptations to do evil just like I did for Jesus. (Matthew 4:1-11)
     I have given you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  Yield to My Holy Spirit instead of to the devil's thoughts.  Study My Instruction Book so that you will know your legacy as My child, knowing all of your rights that you have as My child.
      I never leave you without comfort and solutions when you are in unity with Me.  The problem is that you do not know My Instruction Book and you do not listen to My Holy Spirit who leads you into all truth.  I have given both to you to help you live in a heaven on earth.  Utilize everything that I give you and you will have kingdom living while in the earth.
     Your Loving, Solution Providing Father

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