Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dear One,
     You tell your children that choices matter.  I tell My children that choices matter. The choices that I advise you to make matter much more than than the choices that your children make because the spiritual choices that My children make are moral choices, mental choices and emotional choices, all of them being choices between good and evil which will affect every area of their lives.  For instance, a child's choice between friends might result in his or not being exposed to illegal activities which will affect the child's current life.  Second by second My own children must choose between listening to the devil himself in their minds when he is tempting them to make choices between judging someone and My enticement to forgive someone.  The choice to judge someone results in forming habits of judging others which involves the spiritual law of sowing seeds and reaping the same curses or blessings in your life, depending upon which choice you make.  (Genesis 2:9; 15-17)
     Jesus was very explicit in this matter.  He even gave a warning, saying that if you do judge someone that you will be judged yourself by the same standard by which you judged someone.  (John 8:15; Matthew 7:1-2) He knew that the spiritual being who judges you and then curses your life because you judged someone is the devil. 
     My standard in all situations when you are tempted to judge someone is to immediately extend mercy and forgiveness to the person, praying for My blessings upon that person.  I said that I set up a standard.   (Isaiah 59:19)  My standard relating to your being tempted to judge someone is for you to instead forgive the person and extend your mercy and My mercy to the person because you know that everyone is tempted by the same devil.  You know that yielding to his thoughts of judging someone will result in your being judged yourself, inheriting the devil's judgment which are curses which bring destruction and death. (Matthew 18:21-22) 
      My children who are nonchalant about not judging do not know that their lives in the earth are a battle between good and evil, between blessings and curses.  They do not know the truths in My Instruction Book and they do not know My promises to them of overcoming evil with good.  They continue to judge other people and in turn become angry, wrathful and live lives filled with strife.  Being judgmental does not only affect you, it affects other people to a great degree because the judgmental person is never peaceful and loving.  He or she is always vengeful, touchy, always seeking to punish a wrongdoer by speaking judgment upon the person or to the person or excluding the person from his or her acquaintances. 
      Forgiving a person does the opposite.  When My children forgive a person, he or she releases the person from judgment because he or she has “given the person forward,” releasing him or her from the judgment in his or her mind.  Jesus said whose sins you forgive are forgiven.  So when you forgive someone, I forgive the person also because My forgiveness is universal, always in operation.  I forgave the person before you extended your forgiveness to him or her.
     Judgment always declares a person guilty of an infraction.  Forgiveness declares a person not guilty because he or she is forgiven by Me.  My forgiveness is constantly extended to humanity.  Make your forgiveness also extend to all of humanity. (John 20:20-23)   Jesus said He give you His peace and the sins of everyone you forgive are forgiven.
     If you want peace in your mind, always forgive the sins of everyone, including yourself.  I do, and forgiveness is My standard.  I said that My words will not depart out of your mouth forever.  My words will always be words of peace, love and forgiveness.
     Make right choices between thoughts of good and thoughts of evil.  Hold onto what is good and reject what is evil.   Anything that is of love is from Me. 
     Your Father of Love and Forgiveness

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