Sunday, January 15, 2017


Dear One,
     For new beginnings to change the course of a life, there must be steps taken which will brings changes into place which will benefit you.  I gave you that insight when I told you not to be conformed to this world but for you to be transformed in the spirit of your mind so that you will know My perfect will.  Knowing My perfect will always changes old thinking into new thinking.  (Romans 12:2) 
     Your natural mind does not know what to do to bring changes from old thinking and habits to new thinking and habits.  As the Creator of you and your world, I know ways that will change the old thinking and habits which made your life miserable into new ways which will make your life successful and happy.  The problem is not that My children don't want to change.  The problem is that My children don't know how to change from old mental programming to new mental programming.  Because I am your good and loving Father, I can help you in that endeavor.
     As in any learning process, there must be a book and a teacher.  As your Loving Father I made it possible for some of My children to compile an instruction book, called the Bible.  That Instruction Book outlines all of My centuries old struggles with humanity in which I used various efforts in order to give to them the necessary tools which would lead them into doing My will in the earth, with the end result being to bring My heavenly kingdom into the earth to benefit their lives.  I began to make that possible by sending My Son Jesus into the world to be a living example to My children of My will.  After His death and resurrections as payment for the sins of the world, He and I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be a private and personal tutor to My children who seek to do My will.  Through some of My obedient children, My Holy Spirit led them to compile an Instruction Book outlining My struggles with humanity to have My will done in the earth, called the old testament. 
      I also commissioned some of My children to write books relating to the ways to help you and My other children to know My will, called My new testament or covenant.  So in those two important provisions from Me, an Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit, who is your personal teacher, I provided everything necessary for My children to know and to do My will in the earth.  (II Peter 1:2-3)
     Now in the earth My children have the Book and the Teacher, all that is necessary for learning how to have an abundant life and My godliness, which is having My character, causing them to do My will in the earth and, thus, inheriting all of My blessings.  To those of My children who do My will in the earth, they are the ones who glorify Me and cause even the unbelievers to glorify Me. 
     You have all that is necessary to transform your mind with the knowledge of My will.  You have My Book, called the Bible, and you have My Teacher, the Holy Spirit, who with your cooperation will lead you into all truth.  (John 3:5: John 14:16-17; John 16:13-14)   You need only one other thing, the desire to know Me intimately.  That desire in alive in the hearts of every human being, to know Me.  Add your own determination to that desire to know Me, as Paul did, when he said that his ultimate desire was to know Me so intimately that he could prove My will in his own life by becoming My image.  Make that determination your own will, to know Me intimately.  My Holy Spirit gives to My children the power to do My will in their lives.  You must lay aside your own will in order to allow Me to transform your  human mind with My will. 
    In this new beginnings lesson, I said first not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind as to My will.  That means to refuse to think and act according to old negative programming by things in the world, but instead to only think and act according to My new positive programming that you allow Me to place in your mind by My Holy Spirit, as confirmed in My Instruction Book.
     Don't hold onto the old negative mental programming.  You must cast it aside and allow Me to transform your mind.  When you allow Me to transform your mind with My Spirit, you allow Me to issue your heavenly inheritance to you by bringing My kingdom into your life on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
      Heavenly transformation brings heavenly rewards.
      Your Father of Good Tutoring   

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