Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear One,
   There are few absolutes in your world.  One sure, tried and true absolute is that everything I have is yours because you are My child.  Yes, I said that everything I have is yours, My peace, My love, My goodness, My blessings, My supernatural power, My joy, My salvation from all evil, My righteousness, My prosperity, My grace, My forgiveness, My authority in the earth, My kingdom, and My life. They were all bought and the price paid by My son Jesus.  As you know, they became yours when you were born of My Spirit, when My Spirit came into you and  created a new life within you.  The start of the appropriation of My gifts for you is begun when you are baptized by My Holy Spirit because He is your advocate who dispenses My gifts to My children who desire them.  He is the promise that I gave through Jesus when He told them to wait for My promise, the One who would explain all of the teaching of Jesus, one who would be your counselor, advocate, tutor, the Spirit of truth, the One who reveals all things hidden and the One who reveals My love to My children. (Acts 1:6-8; John 16:7-15)
    There is a reason that Jesus said to seek My kingdom and My righteousness.  It's because when you seek My kingdom and find it, all of My gifts become legally yours because you are My child.  Then when you seek My righteousness, which is becoming conformed to My image, the dispensing of My gifts to you begins and you become identified in the heavens as My child by your character traits.  Your spiritual royalty is then established and My hosts of angels bring to you all the benefits of being My child.  That doesn't happen all at once.  It happens precept by precept, line by line, here a little, there a little, because your human brain can only handle a little truth at a time.  It takes time for you to take off the old evil habits and put on My good habits which are always character traits of love.  Religious laws are stripped away and spiritual truths are incorporated into your mind.
    My love for you has nothing to do with your ability to assimilate spiritual truths.  My love is never earned.  It is yours because I am love.  Your ability to receive all of My blessings depends upon your seeking to become My righteousness in the earth.  You cannot return evil for evil done to you and expect to receive My blessings.  You cannot hold grudges, being unforgiving, and expect to receive My blessings. You cannot strike back at someone who strikes you and expect to receive My blessings.  You cannot only love those who love you and expect to receive My blessings.  I said when you return good for evil, when you bless those who curse you, when you turn the other cheek, when you love your enemies as I love them, then you are known as My children in the earth and in the heavens.  My blessings to you in the earth and My blessings for you in the heavens will flow like a river to you. (I John 5:2-6)
   Every big and little thing that I have in My heaven belong to you as My child.  Seek My righteousness and receive your blessings.  Your name is written on them.  No one else can have them but you.  They are waiting for you. (Matthew 6:33)
   Your Kind and Loving Father  

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