Monday, January 30, 2017


Dear One,
   In an effort to reveal My characteristics of love to My children, I revealed Myself in increments to the people under My first covenant with a nation because they could not accept My entire character at once as a good Father.  Their ideas of characteristics of fathers were domineering, condemning, rigid, punitive and unloving because those are characteristics of what their enemy, the devil, produced in fathers at the time.  Under My old covenant with a nation, My efforts to convince My children of My real nature was done by My saying to them, "I am" -- and then revealing a particular segment of My personality.
   I revealed My self as a provider when I said that I am Jehovah Jirah.  I proved Myself to them as their provider over and over and over again, yet they continued to take the lead in their own lives, not really believing that I could provide everything for them if they would be patient and wait for My provisions.  They still sought their own will instead of My will, even thought I told them that I am their provider. (Genesis 22:14)  They didn't know Me.
   I wanted them to know that My will in their lives would guarantee their success but they must allow Me to be their shepherd.  Jehovah Raah was My personality trait of wanting to shepherd My children in order to keep them from walking into the traps set by the evil one.  When My children allow Me to lead them on the paths of righteousness, there is no confusion because paths are clear that lead to the abundant life.  (Numbers 27:16-17; Psalm 23:1)
    Jehovah Rapha, the Lord of your health and healing in sickness, was a part of My character that was revealed when I healed their sick.  (Genesis 15:26; Genesis 20:17)  They still rejected My healing gifts and sought incantations from witches for their healing.  They did not like My instructions that they should hear My words to them and follow them.  They wanted a quick fix so they sought healing from emissaries of the devil who had cursed them with diseases. They chose not to know Me as healer and depend on Me to instruct them in being healthy.
    I wanted to constantly lead them into peaceful green pastures, revealing Myself to them as Jehovah Shalom, their peace. (Judges 6:23-24; Psalm 23:2)  Yet, they loved war and persisted in sowing seeds of war with people and with other nations, blaming Me for their calamities and destruction.  They didn't know Me.
    Jehovah Nisi, the God who displays banners of victory, signaling victory over the devil and the evil that he causes in the world is My characteristic of being an overcomer. (Exodus 17:15)  Yet My children insisted in making other people their enemies, causing them to walk in the devil's destruction and death. (Ephesians 6:10-12)  They didn't know Me.
    I offered to make them righteous, with the power to be free from evil, so I revealed My righteousness when I told them that I am Jehovah Tsidkinu, (Jeremiah 33:15-16)   They previously thought that I was both good and evil but I revealed to them that I am the Lord of Righteousness.  Still, they continued to believe that I brought both good and evil upon My children. They didn't know Me.
     The only way to show them that I was their Good Father who heals them, protects them, provides for them, makes them victorious over evil, leads them into peaceful pastures, delivers them from the works of the devil, and gives to them My own righteousness was for Me to come to earth in the person of My Son to show them My true nature.  Jesus told them that I am a kind, merciful, loving and a good Father.   The religious and political children who called Me their God killed Him for what they said was His heretical teachings and blasphemy.  They didn't know Me.
     When I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth, I gave Him the assignment to reveal My true nature to My children who choose to hear My voice which is inside of them in the person of My Spirit.  He reveals My nature and My character to you of your good Father, your good shepherd, your healer, your deliverer and your victor over evil, your provider of all good things, your peacemaker, your righteousness, your guide, your counselor and your comforter.  It is only through the revelation given by My Spirit that My children can know My true nature as their loving and gracious Father. 
    Jesus said that not everyone who prophesies in My name, casts out demons in My name and do miracles in My name will enter into My kingdom living in the earth.  He said that only those who do My will are the ones who will enter into My kingdom living.  (Matthew 7:21-23) That is because I will lead them around the traps set by the devil by their doing My will, and I will teach them to reject evil thoughts from their minds which tempt them to judge people and become angry.  Only by taking My advice to avoid binding yourself to evil will you enter into the blessings of My kingdom.  My children who persist in doing the will of the devil, even though they prophesy in My name, do miracles in My name and cast out demons in My name, they will never be able to fully enter into the blessings that I set aside for them to have in the earth from the foundation of the world.   They will come to heaven to live with Me when their bodies die, but while they are alive in the earth they will not have My kingdom living.  In fact, many will have hell on earth because they did not allow Me to guide and shepherd them around evil pitfalls.  Instead, they did the will of the devil, sowing controversy, discord, strife, vengeance, anger, judgment and condemnation in the world and inheriting the same in their lives.
   That is a hard truth to swallow, that only doing My will in the earth instead of doing the devil's will in the earth is the way to have heaven on earth.  Doing the devil's will of judging, being angry, being bitter, being vengeful, sowing strife and discord will cause you to reject My will and do the devil's will.  By rejecting My will you will qualify for the devil's inheritance of destruction instead of My inheritance of the abundant life because of My godliness at work in your life.  I even give you My godliness and My power to reject evil and do good.   Jesus said that you have no excuse if you call yourself by My name,  (John 15:22; Romans 2:1-5)
    All truth from My Spirit says that My true character is love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and forbearance. 
    Any identification that says that I am vengeful, angry, judgmental, condemning and punitive is from the bowels of hell sent to authorize you to be of those same attitudes which lead you to destruction and death.  They put to death Jesus Christ and they delight in putting you to death by separating you from Me, the giver of life and all good things.  (Luke 12;31-32)
    When you know Me intimately, you hear My voice and keep My words by taking My advice.  When you do, My kingdom comes to you in the earth as it is in heaven.
     Your Instructional, Tutoring Father of All Truth            

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