Saturday, January 28, 2017


Dear One,
   Instant forgiveness counteracts instant judgment.  When your mind begins to be flooded with instant judgmental thoughts, you have a choice in a split second of whether to hold onto the judging thoughts about someone or whether to forgive the person for not living up to your standards which come from either religious, political or social measurements.
    If you hold onto judging thoughts, they will quickly escalate into an attitude.  That is when they become toxic to you and your future.  Judgmental attitudes are accompanied by your emotions which declare the person you are judging as inferior to you because he or she does not measure up to your ideals.  That is when you begin to be cursed, because you have allowed an evil judgment to hatch in your mind into an evil attitude.  Attitudes contain energy from your emotions and that is when you begin to attract to yourself similar evil spirits because you have sown seeds into hell and you will reap judgment from hell. (Matthew 7:1-2)  Your toxic attitudes will show on your face, in your speech and in your actions.  To explain it further, I said that it is by your kind words that you are acquitted as My child, being beneficiaries of My forgiveness and love, and it is by your evil words that you are condemned as joining with the devil, being beneficiaries of his destruction and death. (Matthew 12:37)
    If you have judgmental thoughts and instantly reject those thoughts, casting them into hell, and replace them with forgiveness for the person for his or her not living up to your social, religious or political ideals, then you have sown forgiveness seeds into My kingdom of heaven and you will also receive forgiveness.  Jesus said it plainly when He prayed to Me, "Forgive us our sins as we forgive the sins of others." (Matthew 6:12)
    My cure for the sins of the whole world was to allow My Son Jesus to die for the sins of everyone.  So as far as I am concerned you are forgiven before you ever judge someone.  But the problem is that you are still bound to the works of the devil if you do his judgmental work in the world.  I have forgiven you, but the devil never releases you from the judgment of your joining with him in judging others.  There is great delight in hell when you yield to the temptation to judge someone because you have taken yourself out of the protection of My forgiveness and placed yourself in the arena of the devil's judgment.  It may not happen at that moment or that day, but sometime in the future you will suffer the judgment of the devil which brings destruction in some area of your life, either to you, your children, your work, or your social life because of your judging other people.
    Monitor every thought that enters into your mind.  I know that it is not easy.  That is why Jesus separated himself from people and sought solace in order to pray.  That is why Paul went into the desert for years, in order to learn to hear My voice of mercy and forgiveness so as to be able to extend forgiveness to everyone, just like I do.  Old religious, political and social programming must be rejected from your mind or you will fall, ever so quickly, into judging others and then be judged by the devil through other people. 
    It is still a battle between good and evil, as at the beginning when Adam allowed evil to rule the world.  The sacrifice of Jesus in dying for your sins made it possible for you to have My Holy Spirit to live inside of you and reprogram your mind from the judgments of the devil and instead program it with My thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of mercy and forgiveness in order for you to have the abundant life that I promised to everyone who comes to Me and is led by My Holy Spirit.  Yielding to the mind of Christ, which is in My Holy Spirit inside of your human spirit, allows Him to help you become transformed into My image in the world, and that is the secret to your having a life of an abundance of peace, goodness, kindness and love.
   It's all about mercy. 
   Practice rejecting judgmental thoughts before they become toxic attitudes. Substitute merciful, forgiving thoughts and you will lead a blessed life.
   Your Merciful Father

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