Friday, January 27, 2017


Dear One,
    You must be careful not to yield to instant judging thoughts that immediately flood into your mind that are judgment thoughts left over from the old fleshly programming of your mind which were selfish, condemning and punitive.   If thoughts are not kind, gentle, giving, forgiving, spiritually informative and loving, then they are not from the new beginning of your choosing to be led by My Spirit.  Instead of My thoughts, they are from fleshly programming that were put there by the devil by his using his spirit of prejudice, his spirit of domination, his spirit of condemnation and his spirit of  superiority.
    Prosecutors and judges in your courts of law who yield to the habit of rushing to   judgment are eventually judged by their own peers and relieved of their duties.  Their attitudes of immediately judging a person guilty of a crime without hearing all of the evidence are contrary to the laws of the land and their peers know that they will be a mockery to the legal system. 
    My children who rush to judgment in their daily lives will rush to deliver their prideful criticism, their egregious punishment and their condemnation will find themselves being criticized, punished and condemned by other people because of the seeds that they have sown. (Romans 2:16:20)  They scorn the poor, the ignorant, the disabled, the sinners, the unenlightened and the prisoners while they, themselves, are caught in the trap of judging others which is completely opposed to what their brother Jesus taught.  He taught them to lovingly minister goods to the poor, to teach the ignorant, to help the disabled, to forgive the sinners, and to visit the prisoners. (John 12:46-50)
    Rushing to judge others brings more problems into the lives of My children than any other demonic thoughts, demonic attitudes, toxic spoken words and evil actions.  Because the devil is the father of judgment of the world, when My children judge others by his standards, they will reap what he always metes out onto humanity, which is calamity and destruction.  (James 5:9-11)
    Rushing to love others and forgive others will bring more blessings into the lives of My true children than can be imagined because I am Love.  (Ephesians 3:14-20) My true children understand the temptations of the devil that cause people to sin and they forgive the people, just like I do as their Father.  My true children who are led by My Spirit are confident that I raise up My standards of love and forgiveness, mercy and peace in their minds which will cause them to reject judgmental thoughts.  When you put yourself in the position of being a judge, you put yourself into the hands of the one who curses the world and you will be cursed because you have bound yourself to evil. (John 8:15; Romans 12:1-2)
    Everything that happens in your life will require a decision to either judge others or love and forgive others.  If you judge them, you will not pray for them and bless them.  If you love them and forgive them, you will erase their bad actions in your mind and you will absolve them of all sins, just like I do.  (Matthew 7:1-6)
     You are called to love and forgive.  You are called to refuse to judge others but instead to bring them into My family by covering them with My love and forgiveness.
     Are you My child or are you the child of the devil who judges everyone?  Your fruit that comes from your thoughts, your attitudes, your words and your actions will be evidence of which kingdom you have sown seeds into.  (Matthew 6:22-24)
     I want children who are the light of the world.  Some of My children prefer darkness to light so they judge others and they reap darkness, hatred, destruction  and death.
     Let My light of love and forgiveness shine from you so that others will glorify Me and want to be My child.
     Your Light Giving Father 

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