Sunday, January 29, 2017


Dear One,
   Every word that came out of the mouth of Jesus, as dictated by Me, was for your protection from the clutches of your enemy the devil, who is an invader in the earth.  You have no reason to blame Adam for allowing the invader to enter the earth when you, yourself, join with him many times a day by entertaining his thoughts.
   When you believe his temptations to judge other people, to become angry with other people or to accuse other people instead of forgiving them, you develop attitudes that become toxic to your own body.  When you meditate upon those toxic attitudes by allowing more meditations from hell to invade your mind, you let the toxic attitudes grow in your mind until they develop into verbal accusations, vengeful judgments and angry words which spew from your mouth which condemn you because you have declared by those toxic words that you have left Me and joined into unity with the evil kingdom. (Galatians 5:14-16)  When the disagreement escalates in your emotions until you call one of My children a fool or an imbecile or any insult, you declare that person unworthy of My love and forgiveness because you have refused to freely forgive the person.  Jesus said when you insult one of My children what you have joined with your enemy and you are in danger of the fires of hell to enter into your life with destruction and death.
   If anger causes you to strike a person or harm a person in any way, you are in danger of being brought before the council of lawmakers.  When you strike back at a person who strikes you, a full fledged fight ensues and you are both arrested and sent to court.  I said that the seeds that you have sown in the devil's court of death will judge you until you have paid the full price.  (Matthew 5:21-26) 
    In My Instruction Book to you, I covered that common scenario that happens every second of every day in the earth.  I said not to do evil to another person and not to return evil that is done to you.  My words could not have been more plain.  Temptations to become bound to the works of the devil in doing his will in the earth are minute by minute invaders in your thoughts.  It is called "the flesh" in My Book, but it is called the flesh because that is where your enemy, the devil, invades and issues his edicts for you to do his will. Doing his will brings destruction and death into your life.
    My Holy Spirit lives in your spirit, not in your flesh, and He is constantly issuing His admonitions to you to forgive people who offend you, to forgive people who accuse you and to forgive people who abuse you.  (John 20:21-23) He is constantly telling you to do good to someone who injures you in any way, either emotionally, physically or spiritually.  (Romans 12:18-21)   My edicts bring peace and love into your life because they cause you to do My will, planting seeds into My garden of love which will grow love plants in your life. 
    Every word that I spoke through My Son Jesus was given for your protection, to instruct you how to avoid becoming corrupted by uniting with evil and as a result reaping destruction.  Every word that I spoke though My Son Jesus was given to instruct you how to stay on the narrow path that leads to the abundant life that is reserved for My children who hear My words and do them.  I teach you how to enter into My kingdom living while in the earth. (Matthew 7:1-14; Romans 2:1)
    My desire is that all people in the earth enter into My kingdom living.  I provided the way through Jesus Christ and His words in My Instruction Book.  I also provided the tutor, My Holy Spirit, to teach you the way and to give you the power to refuse evil temptations which are sent from hell to divert you from the narrow path.
    My love for you provides everything that you need in teaching you how to avoid evil and embrace good.  I said that you will know them by their fruit.  Love, mercy and forgiveness are fruit from My tree of life, the Holy Spirit.  Be led by Him and you will have peace on earth for which Jesus Christ died.  It involves good will towards all people.
    Your Father of Peace and Good Will

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