Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Dear One,
     If some thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken do not produce good results in your life, then they need to be rejected instead of tried again over and over again. expecting a different good result every time.  If they didn't work in the past, they won't work in the present or the future.  It is even said in your world that insanity is expecting good results from behavior that has only resulted in more problems in the past.  I said it more clearly in My Instruction Book when I said to forget all that is past and to look to what Jesus Christ told you to do, mirroring His works in the earth instead of the old works that failed you. (Hebrews 12;2)   Repeatedly doing dead works from hell which produced destruction in your life in the past will produce the same destruction when engaging in the same activities today.
      There are always other more effective ways of doing things.  You would not have come to Me for My ministry of problem solving if things from the past had worked.  You sought Me for Me to become your Father and Jesus Christ to be your Lord in order for Us to work miracles in your problems.  If you do not seek to know and do My will in every area of your life, then you have not allowed Us to do our effective works.  If you continue in seeking revenge, in judging others, in promoting strife, in returning evil for evil done to you, in yielding to anger, in making political leaders your saviors, in making religious leaders your saviors, in being rebellious and seeking your own will, then you will continue to wallow in the same problems for years and years and years.  You will think that I did not answer your prayers when all along the problem was that you continued in doing the devil's will in relation to how you treat other people instead of doing My will.  Old things must pass away for all things to become new.
      Jesus said that there are those who call Me Lord who do not enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  Just because a person calls Me Lord does not mean that he or she is making Me his or her Lord.  Often I am their Lord in name only, not in devotion and loyalty.  (Matthew 7:21-27)  Jesus said that those people who do My will will enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  They will enjoy heaven on earth because they followed the admonitions of Jesus, keeping and obeying every word that He taught, even things that were in opposition of the old covenant laws.
      I do not keep anyone out of My kingdom life in the world.  Refusing to do My will in every matter keeps My children out of My kingdom living because doing My will always leads them around the traps set by the devil to enslave My children to the passions of the flesh which rob and kill themselves and other people by having attitudes of anger, resentment, strife and other demonic ways.  Trying to have two masters is the problem, praising Me in words only but still doing the will of the devil in relation to how you treat other people will set up barriers which block Me from being able to usher My kingdom living into your life and they will block your having a life of abundance in which blessings which overflow.   Persisting in having old jugmental thoughts, old toxic attitudes, bitter words spoken and doing injurious actions toward people are what build barriers which keep My blessings out of your life.
      Yes, thoughts matter. (Psalm 19:14)  Yes, attitudes matter. (Matthew 5:3-11) Yes, words matter.  (Ephesians 4:28-31; Matthew 15:11 and 16-20 )  Yes, actions matter. (Ephesians 4:32; Romans 12:20-21)  Good ones allow Me to flood you with My blessings and evil ones set up barriers which keep My blessings from entering into your life.
      My joy is full when My children enter into My kingdom living while in the earth because it means that they have been devoted to doing My will instead of their own will or the devil's will.  It means that heaven on earth is their prize because they have determined to do My will, making Me the Father of all blessings to themselves. (I Corinthians 9:24-27; Philippians 3:13-14)
      Forget all the unworkable ways of the past, forget them since they didn't work anyway.  Only do what I teach you to do, press toward the high mark that Jesus set which is forgiving others and loving others as I love you.  (John 13:34; John 20:21-23)
      Your Forgiving, Giving Father

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