Monday, January 2, 2017


Dear One,
    All new beginnings involve change, a change in thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.  If changes do not take place, then there are no possibilities of new beginnings occurring in the life of a person.  As long as old thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken are still your modes of operation, then the same old unpleasant or even toxic situations, circumstances and experiences are still guaranteed to happen in your life.  Changes must occur or everything will remain the same. 
    The first change that must occur in the lives of My children is that they must change their loyalty, refusing to remain loyal to the evil enticements that are constantly at work in the world.  There are spiritual temptations occurring at all times, eager to entice people to do their selfish, angry ways in order to bind you to the old life of turmoil and strife.  If you continue in the old ways, you will have the hell on earth that satan initiated in the earth when he won his war on Adam and was allowed to become the prince of your world instead of Adam continuing his Father/son relationship with Me.  Through Adam's rebellion against Me by refusing to obey My command not to listen to satan, curses came into the world and My children began to live under the dictatorship of satan's evil kingdom. (Genesis 2:16-18)  Instead of having heaven on earth, as was Adam's life in the beginning, My children began to have hell on earth, always struggling to succeed in their lives but being cursed with demonic activity always being evident. (Genesis 3:9-19)  Heaven on earth was exchanged for hell on earth by one action of the first man, Adam. 
    Through the sacrifice of My Son Jesus, I made it possible for heaven on earth to again be possible in the lives of My children who choose to make changes in their lives, putting behind them the old evil thoughts, evil attitudes, bitter words spoken and evil actions performed in the earth by which they were formerly motivated. (John 12:31) I even gave supernatural power to those of My children who are serious about having the heaven on earth that I promised instead of the hell on earth that the devil instituted in the earth.  That supernatural power is My very own Spirit, the power of My Holy Spirit, the same power that caused Jesus to be raised from the dead and come back to live with Me in My heavenly dimension. 
     We sent into the earth that very same authoritative and explosive power that caused Jesus to no longer be dead but to become alive and resurrected. (Romans 8:11)  We sent the power of My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children who choose Him, giving to them the only power in existence that is able to defeat all evil in their lives. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)  He is the same power that worked through Jesus, defeating evil in the lives of people who ask for Me to institute changes in their lives.  Jesus even said that My kingdom came into the lives of the people from whom Jesus cast out the devil's demons.  (Luke 11:20) 
     There was always a change of loyalty available from the evil works of the devil to loyalty to Me and My kingdom of love.  So new beginnings always start with a change of loyalty, changing your devotion to My good works instead of the evil works of the devil by your making the dramatic change of being born of My Holy Spirit and also being baptized in My Spirit which empowers you to defeat all evil in your life while in the earth.  My Spirit shows you which thoughts and attitudes to adopt that come into your mind, whether Mine or the devil's.
     The determination to make changes always precedes the exchange from having hell on earth to bringing My heaven into the lives of My children.  It is a choice, a desire to incorporate My power and My kingdom of love into your life.  With the power of My Holy Spirit in your life, it is possible to destroy the works of the devil and to have My kingdom of love at work in your life while in the earth. (I John 3:8) It is called heaven on earth, for which Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:9-10)
      To have heaven on earth, you must be willing to do My will in all matters, taking My advice in every area of your life because I created life and I know what is necessary to bring My entire kingdom of love into your life so that you will have heaven on earth.  Heaven on earth always involves your shedding My love abroad in all areas of your life so that My heaven flows into your earthly life.  It's very simple.  It's having a Father and child love relationship with Me, the same relationship that I had with Adam in the beginning before his rebellion.  Changes must be made willingly in your life and you will know Me intimately, not merely by the hearing of your ears from others.  (Job 42:1-5) The power of My Spirit will cause you to throw off the old curses and take on My new blessings in every area of your life.
      Many of My children pray that My will be done in their lives without even knowing what My will is in most matters.  Through your intimately knowing Me I will empower you to do My will which brings blessings into your life that are far above anything that you can dare think or imagine.  They will be reality in your life while you live in the earth.  (Ephesians 3:20)  
     I promised that My kingdom would come into the earth as it is in heaven and I always keep My promises.  (II Corinthians 1:20)   When you do My will in the earth by the power of My Spirit, you will have the heaven on earth that I desire.
     Your Loving Father  

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