Saturday, January 14, 2017


Dear One,
    My old covenant with a nation was made through Moses whom I chose to issue My advice to humans on how to avoid the temptations of the devil to kill, to steal, to make idols, to covet, to commit adultery and on and on.  Through those commandments I identified the devil's evil temptations in the minds of people by My telling them not to do those things which the devil tempted them to do or they would suffer consequences from the devil because of joining with his kingdom.  That was the spiritual reason for My giving the old commandments. 
    The reason for giving the religious laws was not for them to be used as guidelines by which people would judge others for not obeying them.  The reason was also not for the devil to use the commandments to judge you and condemn you for disobeying.  What I meant for good, by warning you how to avoid joining with evil, was perverted and used by the devil to judge you and other people.  (Romans 7:5-10) That is called the letter of the law, that being that the laws were used against people at the behest of the devil instead of them being used to identify the works of the devil so that My children could avoid doing them and thus escape the curses from hell.  I wrote in My new covenant with My children, the covenant of love, that the letter of the law kills.
    I also wrote that the spirit of the law brings life, meaning that the real reason for issuing My advice to you is so that you can remain entrenched in My love and peace because you have chosen not to obey the thoughts in your mind to kill, steal, make idols, covet, etc.  That was the reason that I issued the commandments to Moses through My Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Life.
    I wrote in My Instruction Book that when you are led by My Spirit, that you are no longer under religious laws and the devil's judgment that comes from the laws. .  When you are led by My Spirit, He will not lead you to do any of the works of the devil, not sexual immorality, impurity or debauchery.  He will only lead you to do what is good, pure, peaceful and loving.  (Galatians 5:18-23)  There are no religious laws which empower My children to be loving and peaceful.  Only My Holy Spirit empowers you and tutors you in love and peace.  I also said that I did not give you My Spirit and work miracles among you by your obeying the religious laws. (Galatians 3:1-6)  I gave My Spirit to you and I work miracles for you by your believing Me and having faith in Me to do them. 
    Following religious laws will not make you righteous.  Only through believing the words of My Son Jesus and receiving My Holy Spirit into your life will you become righteous because I give My Holy Spirit to live in you and His life inside of you makes you righteous.  Then His job is to mold your mind and body into also being righteous by His teaching you and revealing truths to you.  (Romans 8:1-6)  Through those revelations you will become My image in a world that is hungry for Me and My truths. 
     Religious laws bring death to people who are ruled by their flesh where the devil works his will in their lives.  My Holy Spirit brings life to those of My children who are led by My Spirit because He only leads you to do My will in the earth.
     When you are led by My Spirit, guided by My Spirit, being obedient to My Spirit, you will have heaven on earth because My kingdom has come into your life.
     It is a happy day for Me and I rejoice when My children access all of the benefits of My kingdom living while in the earth because My purposes and strategies have produced what I created them to produce, children made in My image, witnesses of My character.
      Your Rejoicing Father  

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