Friday, January 13, 2017


Dear One,
     Good parents teach their children how to succeed in life.  They teach them manners, kindness and goodness toward other people, being merciful toward others, helping others.  They teach how to be resourceful, how to reject evil influences and to feed and cloth those people who are in need.  In other words, good parents teach their children how to be good citizens. 
     I teach My children the same things.  In addition to teaching earthly values, I teach My children spiritual values, the values relating to My spiritual family which is often called My kingdom. I teach My children how to bring My heavenly kingdom into their earthly lives so that they will experience heaven on earth.  I teach My children how to love others as I love them.  I teach My children to forgive all lawbreakers, whether civil lawbreakers or religious lawbreakers.  I teach My children to keep peace with everyone.  I teach My children to be merciful.  I teach My children to always return good for any evil done to them.  I teach My children to automatically forgive everyone who opposes them, does evil to them, insults them, embarrasses them, injures them or is vengeful toward them.  I teach My children that love always overcomes hate and that goodness always overcomes evil. 
     I not only teach My children spiritual things that overcome the evil in the world, but I give to them the power and ability through intercessory prayers to defeat the evil that destroys the lives of other people.  I give My children the power to resist temptations to do evil, and I teach My children not to judge the people who succumb to evil temptations.   I give to My children My very own Holy Spirit who is My personal power source, the source of My power that is higher in authoritative power and in explosive power than anything found in the earth or in the heavens.  My authoritative power has dominating power over every demon in hell and over the devil himself, who is the source of all evil in the world.
     I empower My children with My very own power so that they can defeat the devil's works in the world just like My Son Jesus did when He walked the earth. (I John 3:8)   I empower My children to love their enemies and to love the unlovable people.  I said that anyone who does not love others does not love Me.  I said that the way to be identified as My child is not in name only, but in acts of love.  (I John 3:9-18)
    The only commandment in My new covenant with My children is that you love others as I love you.  (John 13:34)  Believing in My son Jesus qualifies you to be My child and you become born of My Spirit.  Your acts of My love in the world toward other people qualifies you to receive My inheritance for you which I laid aside for you from the foundation of the world.  I said that when you love others with My love, that when you ask anything that you will, it will be done for you.  (I John 3:22-24)
    Become My teachable child and I will teach you how to love others through the power of the lover of your soul, My Holy Spirit.
    My love flowing from you to others will open the windows of heaven and My goodness and blessings will overflow in your life and the life of everyone around you.  
    Love is the master key to having heaven on earth!  (Matthew 16:19)  
    Your Father of Love and Goodness 

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