Thursday, January 26, 2017


Dear One,
   Discerning, or judging, the different voices in your thoughts which entice you to do either good or evil is the cure for all of the problems of My children.  When you accept the voice of evil as being the voice that will be your motivation for doing certain things and act upon that motivation, it will bring destruction in some area of your life because those temptations come from hell.  When you accept My voice in your thoughts and do what those thoughts tell you to do, then you sow good seeds into My garden and good, beneficial blessings come into your life.
    My children who have been baptized in My Holy Spirit have My voice in their thoughts at the forefront of their minds unless they yield to the temptation to judge other people or become angry with other people.   When they take those two wrong paths as directed by the voice of evil in their thoughts, they allow curses to come into their lives, separating themselves from Me and My valuable voice of guidance which keeps them on the narrow path that leads to abundant blessings.
     Jesus told you that truth when He told you the benefits of having My Holy Spirit live inside of you.  He said that when My Spirit comes to live in you that He will reveal sin, righteousness and judgment to you.  I reveal to you which thoughts are from My kingdom of righteousness and which thoughts are from the evil kingdom of hell.
     As long as you live in the world you are subject to hearing both good thoughts and evil thoughts in your mind.  I did not leave you without a gauge with which to measure which thoughts are beneficial for you and which thoughts are destructive to you.  I gave you My Holy Spirit to entice you to reject judgmental, angry, bitter, divisive thoughts which will bring destruction to you.  Instead, I entice you to treasure and obey loving, kind, peaceful thoughts which are valuable to you because you have sown seeds of goodness in your world that I gave to you.  In addition, I gave you an Instruction Book which contains all of My words of caution to you as spoken by My Son Jesus, so you have in black or red writing on white paper before your eyes My words of instruction to you,  The Constitution and Bylaws of My Kingdom.  You have My very own personal words as spoken by Jesus and you have My very own personal words to you in your thoughts from My Holy Spirit which lead and guide you on the paths of righteousness.  They are not judgmental, angry, bitter or divisive. 
    If you will be attentive to Me, My Holy Spirit will reveal to you which thoughts are from hell, sent to lead you to some kind of destruction, and He will reveal which thoughts are from Me, sent by Me to lead you to a life of divine blessings.  The problem with My children is that they more often obey the strife filled thoughts from hell instead of obeying My Spirit's thoughts of keeping peace.  They would rather obey the thought to curse someone with negative thoughts and negative words, or to strike back with fists or words when someone opposes them or strikes them.  Those actions are totally opposed to My instructions through Jesus and through My Holy Spirit's leadings.  (Matthew 5:19-26; Romans 12:18-21) 
    I said that your words and actions must be more righteous than the words and actions of the politicians and lawmakers or you will not enter into My kingdom living while you live in the earth.  Yet, My children bind themselves to the actions of the politicians and the lawmakers, which are the Pharisees and the scribes, and they expect to live a life of peace.  It is impossible.  When you bind yourself to conflict and division, you cannot inherit My kingdom living because you have chosen evil instead of good.
     I love you with My unconditional love which forgives and restores you when you choose the paths to destruction.   When you come back to Me, I lead you back on the right path.  My love has provided everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3-4) I gave you an Instruction Book so that you would visually, with your eyes and mind, know My divine will in everything.  I gave you My Holy Spirit who gives you the power to do what I outlined as My will in My Instruction Book through Jesus.
     I love you.  Do you love Me enough to do My will by keeping My words?  Do you love Me enough to refuse to obey the voice of evil in your head which tempts you to injure emotionally or physically others of My children, and do you love Me enough not to obey the voice of evil who tempts you to abuse My other children by judging them or which tempts you to strike back with angry words or toxic attitudes at someone who opposes you?  Do you love Me enough to do what I teach you by My Holy Spirit to do currently and which I outlined in My Instruction Book to do, which to love others as I love you?   I said if you love Me, you will keep My commands. (John 14:15 and 21)   My commands are given by Me to protect you from evil, to guide you away from evil, to guide you onto the narrow path that leads to kingdom living. (Matthew 7:13-27)
    I love you with unconditional love.  Return the favor. Return your love for Me by obeying My command to love others as I love you. 
    Your Father of Peace and Kingdom Living 

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