Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Dear One,
     Every situation and circumstance in your life involves events happening that test whether you will react with good or with evil thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken toward other people.  They are traps set by your enemy, the devil, sent in your daily life which will entice you to either do what I instructed you to do by returning good for evil done to you or whether you will do the will of the devil, returning evil for evil.  Those choices will affect your life in ways that you have no idea.  You must know by now that if you react emotionally and return evil for evil done to you, that you are allowing the devil to curse your life, giving permission for more events to happen that will not only make you unhappy, but make you depressed, confused and angry, seeking revenge against the person who opposes you, hurts you, maligns you, robs from you, embarrasses you, lies about you, or does any other actions of evil against you.
     Please pay close attention to the warnings that came from Jesus.  He told you that your reactions must not depend upon who was right or wrong in a situation.  Your reaction in every situation must be to return good to the person who opposes you, no matter who is right or wrong. (Matthew 5: 20)  Right or wrong does not come into play in any situation because everyone has been right and wrong at different times in their life.  My will in any stressful matter is that My children ALWAYS RETURN good for evil done to them.  In doing that, you sow My righteousness in the world instead of furthering evil in the world.  Jesus taught My will in every strife-filled situation when He taught you to make the choice to return good for every act of evil done to you.
     If you will remember, one of the first things taught by Jesus in his teachings is that anger is equal to killing and that an angry person receives judgment from the devil just like one who kills.  He said that if someone has something against you, no matter if the person is angry with you or you are angry with the person, that you must make peace with that person before you worship Me or bring your gifts to the altar. (Matthew 5:21-24)  He knew the truth taught by Isaiah, that your strife with someone separates you from Me.  Every attitude from hell sets up a barrier so that I cannot dispense your inheritance to you which has been reserved for you since the foundation of the world. (Isaiah 59:1-2)   Jesus said to make peace with everyone or your prayers cannot be answered.  Isaiah offered the solution.  He said that when the devil comes in like a flood, that My Spirit will raise up a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19)  The most powerful standard is the one that Jesus taught you, that you must make peace with someone with whom you have a problem or who has a problem with you.  In doing that, doing good, which means doing My will in the matter, then there is a guarantee that My words will prevail. 
     Jesus said to overcome evil with good.  My words relating to how to handle a situation where someone has something against you, My instruction in the matter is that you make peace with the person.  When you do, then My words will prevail.  Your righteousness will be rewarded because the barrier between us is removed by your acts of kindness and goodness, You have sown seeds of My goodness in the world and plants filled with kindness and goodness toward you will grow in your life,        
     If anyone opposes you, make the choice to do what Jesus taught you to do.  It is opposite to what the devil tells you to do in the sowing of his will in the earth.  The instruction in your mind to return evil for evil done to you, having evil attitudes toward anyone who has evil attitudes toward you, speaking evil words toward anyone who speaks evil to you, retaliating with evil actions toward anyone who does evil actions toward you, those are from the devil.  The thoughts in your mind from Me are to return good for the evil done to you.  When you make the choice to return good for evil done to you, it is a guarantee of your obtaining your rightful and bountiful inheritance.
     Make choices to always return good for evil done to you and your cup of blessings will overflow, causing you to soar with the eagles above the elementary things of the earth.  (Isaiah 40:30-31)
     Doing My will always brings peace and love to you.  Doing the devil's will by making the choice to return evil for evil will bring curses into your life.
     Your Instruction Book contains all of the ways to overcome evil in your life.  My Spirit gives you the knowledge and the power to do them. 
     My peace I give to you.
     Your Father of Goodness

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