Thursday, January 12, 2017


Dear One,
     In some of the first teachings that were taught by My Son Jesus to you, I taught about attitudes and the power of attitudes.  My first teaching about attitudes is referred to as the Beatitudes, often referred to as My instructions to "be of these attitudes".  In that teaching I said that anyone who has these attitudes in their lives will be blessed by Me. (Matthew 5:1-12)  Those attitudes are attitudes of mercy, humility, meekness, righteousness seekers, purity of heart, forgiveness, returning good for evil done to you and seekers of peace with all people.  The rest of My teachings to you throughout My Instruction Book amplify My teaching on attitudes.
     Under My old religious laws I said that you should not kill because, if you do. you will be in danger of being judged by courts of law.  (Matthew 5:21) Through Jesus I narrowed down the teaching and instructed you that even being angry with someone is just as dangerous to your life as killing someone.  I said that in being angry with someone that you are in danger of the judgment of the devil.  I amplified that and said that when an attitude of anger controls you and as a result you call a person a fool or an idiot, thus maligning the character of a person of My creation, that you are in danger of punishment by the fires of hell.  The fires of hell are more punitive than courts of law. (Matthew 5:22) 
     The devil tempts you to be angry and then punishes you for your actions that he, himself, tempted you to do.  There is rejoicing in hell by the demons when you become angry with someone and retaliate.  It releases them to bring all of their destruction into your life and the lives of your children.
    My warning about being angry is ignored by most of My children.  Instead, most of My children believe the logic of the devil in their own minds, believing that you deserve to be angry when someone opposes you.  I say the opposite.  I say that you should make peace with anyone who has something against you before you offer your gifts at My altar. (Matthew 23-24)  Your prayers cannot be answered by Me when anger sets up a barrier between us.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)
     The spiritual war between good and evil is constant in your life on earth, and the choice that you have is whose will in the earth you are going to do and thus further that kingdom in the earth, either My kingdom or the kingdom of evil.  When you further My kingdom of love in the earth, you are abundantly blessed by Me.  When you further the kingdom of evil in the earth, you are abundantly cursed with destruction by the devil.
     Anger is an attitude from hell which curses My children more than any other temptation because it leads to punishment by the devil.  It leads to discord between you and others. It leads to family wars and national wars.  Anger leads to thoughts and attitudes of retaliation and vengeance.  All of those works of the devil will produce curses in your life that not only destroy you but curse your children to the third and fourth generations with destruction because anger is  passed down through family heritage.  The devil wins the battle between good and evil when you yield to the demon of anger.
     That is the reason I taught you through Jesus how to deal with the demon of anger.  I told you how to choose blessings instead of curses.  Instead of retaliating with anger when you are opposed by someone, injured by someone, embarrassed by someone, confronted by someone, maligned by someone, cursed by someone or accused by someone, I said not to defame the person through whom an offense came at you by calling the person a derogatory name because it feeds the flames of hell already at work in the situation.  In that scenario, thoughts of anger have grown into angry attitudes and then to angry words spoken.  Instead, I said to make peace with the person or the next step will be angry actions of personal injuries which might advance into killings. 
     In My teachings through Jesus I showed you the power of good and bad attitudes.  I showed you the truth relating to the power of My attitudes of forgiveness and mercy in you which bring peace to strife filled situations and causes the demon of anger in another person to shrink away and become powerless, magnifying My presence of love in the earth.   However, if you feed the anger in another person with more anger from you, it empowers the demon of anger to multiply his presence in the earth and you further the devil's will in the earth because you have given permission for him, like Adam did, to destroy many people in the earth by using anger, vengeance and retaliation.
     My ways are so much higher than your ways.  My instructions to you in this spiritual dispensation of My love is that you have thoughts, attitudes, words and actions that only come from My love.  When you are able to discern good thoughts from evil temptations, casting away the temptations to do the devil's will in the earth and instead only doing My will in the earth, you will inherit My blessings in overflowing measures.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to do My will.  He gives you the power to overcome evil with good.  He makes you qualified to inherit My blessings in your life.  He is your strengthener, your advocate, your power, your wisdom, your knowledge and the dispenser of My love to you and through you, which will put you in the spiritual position to be blessed. 
     It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom of blessings; but, first, it must be your pleasure to do My will in all matters, one of which is to forgive others instead of multiplying anger in your world. 
     Anger will destroy you.  Mercy and forgiveness will bless you.
     Your Father of Mercy and Forgiveness 

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