Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Dear One,
    With every new beginning, the old must pass away or the new will not be able to completely transform the life of a person, giving them My complete kingdom on earth.   In the promise of My kingdom coming to earth to live in My children in John's revelation, I said that the old must pass away.  (Revelation 21:3-4) Yet, My children often hold onto their old habits, their old programming, their old generational curses, their old acts of vengeance, their old judgments, their old emotional attitudes and their old anger and hatred.  When that happens, all things will not become new.  The old things will pollute My new kingdom which has been purchased for them by Jesus Christ in His death, resurrection and coming into My spiritual dimension to live with Me.  The sending of My Holy Spirit to live in My children, giving them the power to become My images in the world, will be denied His power to do what I asked Him to do, which is to make earth into the heaven on earth that I planned when I sent My Spirit on the day of Pentecost into the world to live in My children, transforming them into My children who live in harmony with Me, always doing My will in the earth.
     In My covenant with Abraham and his descendants, I gave to them a promised land where there was only milk, honey and fruit that were so big that men could not carry them alone,  Yet, many of them were not allowed to enter the promised land because of their griping, moaning and refusal to follow My guidance.  If I had allowed them to enter, they would have polluted their promised land with their unbelief.  It is still the same scenario.  My children to whom I have given My Own Holy Spirit to be their personal guide, advocate, tutor, coach and shepherd very often hold onto their old programming.  In doing so, they pollute My earthly kingdom which I so willingly gave to them.  When they come begging Me to help them out of their self imposed curses from binding themselves to satan, I willingly do so because of My love.  They have been deceived by the devil, just like Adam was at the beginning.  Their kingdom living is delayed and often thwarted.
     My desire is for My children to follow My advice in My New Covenant Instruction Book and take the advice of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them who is constantly inviting them to listen to My personal words to them and to follow them. (John 16:7-15)  I created human beings and I know how to teach you how to avoid the evil that is in the world.  You must choose to hear My voice and you must choose to take My advice, knowing that in doing so you will spread My kingdom into the earth as it is in heaven.
     You must resist the urge and the temptation to hold onto the old motivations, thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions previously taken.  They cursed your life in the past and you should know that those old emotional temptations come to lead you back into bondage to satan to which you were formerly bound.  The kingdom to which you are bound emotionally will determine the kingdom which is going to minister to you and your family. (Matthew 16:19) When you are bound to Me in thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds, then My kingdom is able to bring the abundant life to you that I promised.  When you are bound to the devil and his curses from the past, he will continue to bring his devastation and destruction into your life.
     My kingdom is not only in you, but it surrounds you.  I told you that you must lay aside every sin that so easily entangles you, keeping your eyes of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of your faith, only doing what He did when He was in the earth, following His advice given to you through My Spirit every minute of the day.  (Hebrews 12:1)  In doing that, you will not fall into any of the pitfalls that are created by satan to trick you into doing his will in the earth, thus cursing your life again and again.  Instead, with My guidance you will do My will in the earth, just like Jesus did, and My kingdom living will be your inheritance.  
     In doing My will, you will destroy the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)  In doing My will, you will enjoy heaven on earth because My kingdom becomes real in your life.  Old things pass away and all things become new.
     Your Father of New Beginnings 

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