Saturday, January 7, 2017


Dear One,
    My wisdom to you relating to letting old things pass away and letting all things become new is easier than you think it is.  When you have a full revelation that the old things that cursed your life were brought by the devil, then you have no reluctance to let them pass away as poisonous venom sent from hell to jerk you back into bondage to the kingdom of evil. When you easily recognize the devil's work through temptations, you easily make the decision to reject old thoughts, old mistakes and habits that brought destruction to your life.  You view the past as being in bondage to the same passions and compulsions that tempt you to relive the past.  By reliving the past you relive the destruction, allowing the devil to repeat it again and again by replaying it in your mind which causes the incidents to curse you repeatedly in the present and in the future.
    With a solid revelation of the strategies of the devil, you are able to refuse his temptations and put them behind you so that My new beginnings and good strategies can overtake you and bring My multitude of blessings into your life. 
    I gave this truth to you through My Son Jesus, through Paul, through Peter, through James and through John so that you will assimilate the truth of it into your mind with the help of My Holy Spirit.  Old programming must be put aside before new programming from My Spirit will take over your mind.
     I taught you through the writer of Hebrews in My Instruction Book that you should cast aside every demon that so easily entangles you to do his will and then to fix your eyes on Jesus with whom you began your journey of faith.  He will complete it until you are overcome with My blessings.  (Hebrews 12:1-2)  In that statement I said that He will perfect your faith.  But, FIRST, you must cast out, set aside, refuse to cooperate with and resist the temptations of the devil that he uses to easily lead you astray to follow his dastardly ways. 
     The devil knows your weak points and he uses them to pull you away from Me and follow His temptations which lead to destruction for you.  One temptation might be to get you involved in anger and wrath which have cursed you in the past.  Another temptation of the devil that easily entangles you might be the habit of judging other people for their mistakes, their failures, their breaking of the law, their rebellion, their mode of dress, their language, their political opinions, their weight, their own judging, or anything else that causes you to engage in assessing whether a person is good or bad, which is judging.  I asked you in My message to the writer of the instructional book of Hebrews to lay aside, or to cast away from you, the demon that has easily caused you to be bound to the past by judging others or by becoming angry with others.  You will be eventually judged in your life by the same degree of judgment with which you judged someone else.  (Matthew 7:1-2)  By becoming angry with someone, you will be liable for the fires of hell to come against you, as Jesus taught.  (Matthew 5:21-26)  It is a spiritual principle that when you sow seeds into the kingdom of hell by being angry or judging others, that you will receive the same curses in your life that you sowed by your anger and your judgment.
    Start a life of new beginnings by casting from your mind every thought of anger and judgment.  When you do, instead doing good to the person with whom you have been tempted to be angry and giving mercy and blessings to the person you have been tempted to judge, you will then be keeping your eyes on Jesus who taught you the way to defeat those demons who institute destruction.  My way is to always do good to those who oppose you or disappoint you or do evil to you.  When you do good to your enemies and your friends, instead of doing evil to them, My kingdom comes upon you in an abundance of blessings. (Luke 11:20-23)
    That is an act of choosing new beginning, casting away from you all judging thoughts and all angry thoughts.  When you are tempted to judge or become angry, immediately forgive the person and do a good act to him or her.  That defeats the devil and qualifies you to be overcome with blessings.
     Take off the old reactions and put on the new reactions.
     Your Nonjudgmental, Merciful Father   

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