Saturday, July 26, 2008


Dear One,
So much of life has to do with whom you make alliances. Friends, mates and business partners are all necessary additions to life. However, both good and bad influences can come from those alliances.
Even more important are the mental alliances that you form every day. You are constantly faced with making choices between positive and negative mental alliances.
When you are in a precarious or stressful situation, you are presented with opposing thoughts, one being positive and one being negative. The positive thoughts will give you hope and faith and peace. The negative thoughts will give you fear, dread, defeat, anger, hurt or disappointment. You must then choose between the two, believing for the best or believing for the worst. Which will you choose as your ally? With whom will you form an alliance, the positive one with hope or the negative one with dread? You will be joined with the one whom you choose. That means you will agree with the outcome that the thought presents to you because where two or three are in agreement a thing is established.
You can refuse to make negative mental alliances just like you can refuse to choose friends who are bad influences. You would not choose a friend whom you know would beat you and harass you and cause you harm. Likewise, you must choose positive thoughts and agree with their plans for your future.
Choices are important. Choose life by choosing hope and faith and peace. Then I can perform miracles in the situation because you expect the best.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8; Deuteronomy 30:9-20
(bottom right is my secretary's son 20 years ago at
a school program)

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