Sunday, July 27, 2008


Dear One,
Be sure when you approach a stressful situation that you do not approach it with dread or fear or anxiety. You only reinforce negative plans for the situation when you do that. You call into being the negative images that the imagination has put into your mind.
Instead of approaching a stressful situation with dread or fear or anxiety, you should open your mind to Me and My positive solutions to it. Give Me and My angels leeway to change the situation so that you will be victorious in it. Do not figure out ahead of time what you will say because I will speak through you when the time comes. You will be speaking wisdom from Me and you will be known for your wisdom.
There is no way when you are operating in fear and dread that you can figure out beforehand the wise things to say because you don't know what happens spiritually between the present time and the time of the stressful occurrence. Mountains can be moved and people can be changed. Nothing stays stagnant, so let it change for the better and best until the event actually happens. With your prayers and My activities of working in your behalf, the stressful situation may be solved before things actually occur. Then think of the mental energy you wasted in being fearful.
Reason with Me about everything that appears to be happening in your life and I will either give you the wisdom for the solution or I will perform a miracle in the situation before it occurs.
You would do the same for your children.
Love, God
Matthew 11:10; Romans 12:2; Hebrews 13:6; Psalm 38:8

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