Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dear One,
Sometimes answers to prayers take strange shapes. Sometimes what looks like a tragedy might be a blessing in disguise. With spiritual eyes you can see behind the circumstances and see lessons to be learned, corrections to be made and pitfalls to avoid in the future.
If you can learn from mistakes and determine to avoid the same mistakes in the future, then the lessons learned have been beneficial.
I prefer that you learn from Me so that you will avoid the mistakes that bring heartache and disappointment. However, when you put yourself in a position of having to learn from your mistakes, then you have chosen the less wise way to learn. When you have learned a valuable lesson you are at least better off than the original state.
Rest in Me after you have learned and know that I forgive and will readily restore things when you take the high road with Me.
Love, God
Psalm 31:3; Isaiah 49:10; John 16:13
photo courtesy of dandy_fsj at www.flickr.com

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