Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Dear One,
Very often the road to the promised land of the abundant life that I promised you takes turns through the wilderness because of negative attitudes, negative thoughts, negative words and negative actions of the people involved in the trip. But you must know that I am not only with you in the wilderness but I take care of you in the wilderness.
The route is always of your choosing, whether you will go the direct path or the wandering path. If you are guided by Me, then you go directly to the land of milk and honey. If you go led by the negative spirits of the flesh, then you will wander around for a long time.
I even prefer the direct path for you, just like you would choose the most blessed way for your children. Very often, your own children choose the most difficult path, but you are there to help, to rescue, to provide and to encourage even in that hard journey. I do the same for all of My children.
Even when you have unknowingly chosen the hard route, the wilderness route, remember that I will lead and guide you to the proper path and I will care for you, encourage you, love you, provide for you and rescue you all along the way to the abundant life. It is already there for you and I know the proper route and I'm willing to give you the right directions.
Love, God
Hebrews 3:18&19 ; Hebrews 4:6-11; John 10:10

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kimi in mo said...

that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Just blog hopping, hope you dont mind me stopping in. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Kimi