Saturday, July 12, 2008

Band-Aid results

Dear One,
My children look for short term and quick results, all in an effort to relieve their mental pressures.
I look for the long term results, results which are permanent, stable and totally beneficial to everyone involved. I want results which will enhance your life.
When you are praying in the Spirit and walking in the spirit, you should begin to see everything that happens as an occurrence on the path to the completion of the long term result, the permanent, stable and totally beneficial one.
I promised if you walk in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit that all things will work for your good. Remember My promises are yea and amen.
Don't settle for short term Band-Aid results. They will only serve to give you temporary relief from pressures and will add to your problems. Hold out for permanent, long term, stable, life enriching results to your prayers. Keep praying and keep believing and I will do My part to bring miraculous results.
Love, God
Romans 824-28;II Corinthians 1: 20

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