Monday, July 14, 2008


Dear One,
Ego can be good; ego can be bad. It can be positive; it can be negative.
When you have self confidence, it can be good. Take it to the extreme and it can be bad. When it is taken to the extreme, you can become a victim of total self consciousness. The result of self consciousness is that you only see yourself in all situations of life, and you can only be conscious of how occurrences affect you. In the mindset of self consciousness, pride is prevalent because you are inflated with importance.
In self consciousness your mind plays and replays situations with you at the center of importance.
In humility, the mind replays and replays situations but you are absent in the background and others are the major characters. In humility, you are seeking solutions to problems without being conscious of how it affects you.
There is no fear of embarrassment in self consciousness when humility is present. In humility you are a minor player in the scheme of things. Other people are deserving of your mental exercises.
Ego is good as long as you are not consumed by your own importance.
A person with a good ego loves other people as much as he loves himself, but he never exalts himself above others.
True self confidence is built on humility. I was trying to tell you the truth of having a good ego when I said that you should love Me and love your neighbor as yourself. That means that your mind thinks of Me and others, too.
You have confidence because you are My child. That should bring humility to your mind.
Love, God
Matthew 22:36-40;

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