Thursday, July 10, 2008


Dear One,
You must never let the emotions of another person rule your life. When you do, you are allowing that person and his emotions to be lord of your life for that time. After that, if you continue to replay the emotional incident in your mind, the person will continue to be lord of your life.
You are not responsible for another person's behavior, moods, actions or reactions.
You know that the devil knows your weak areas and he will attack you at those weak, sensitive areas through other people He knows that he can get you to exit your peaceful life in the Spirit and get you into the tumultuous life of the flesh by coming at you from the emotional outbursts of a person who is dear to you. The devil knows that he can rule your life by hurt feelings and self pity and anger as he hurls emotional outbursts at you from another person.
You must refuse to allow the other person to put you under his lordship by ruling you emotionally. Those emotions are the responsibility of the other person, not yours.
Walk in unison with Me and we will rule the devil and his emotional outbursts hurled at you from another person. Then we will forgive the person, realizing that our battles are not with flesh and blood but they are with principalities and powers of the air.
Love, God
Ephesians 6:11; I John 3:8
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