Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Dear One,
There are billions and billions of perfect people in the world. In fact, every person is perfect in My eyes because of the perfection of his spirit.
Every man is perfect in physical design, no matter what he looks like to earthly eyes.
The devil wants to convince every person that he is imperfect, in need of being compared to others so that he comes out the loser in the comparison. Then the devil will create an unreal image in the person's mind of what perfection is. That is all done to oppress the person to the point where the image of perfection is impossible to attain. Then all reason is abandoned and negative emotions begin to take over, leading to depression,
When you let people know they are perfect, then they begin to believe they are not short changed, but they begin to believe they are of value.
Like I said, all men are perfect because there is no ideal , no perfect image to which men must attain.
Appreciate your appearance and help people to appreciate theirs. Then you will save needless time worrying about how to be perfectly groomed.
What really matters is the spirit, not the flesh. The flesh will pass away. The spirit, which is the perfect part, will live forever. It's already perfect.
Love, God
Matthew 5:48; John 8:15; Matthew 6:26-34
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