Monday, July 28, 2008


Dear One,
Prayer changes things. Prayer changes people. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes circumstances.
Remember that every word prayed in the Holy Spirit has power to restore.
Prayer brings all of My spiritual hosts into the situation and gives strategies and intricate working plans so that My perfect will is instigated.
Are there oppositions to your prayers? Yes, there are. First of all, your negative thoughts and words are opposing forces to your prayers. You pray one thing but if your mental images or verbal words are in opposition to the prayers, then there is a time of delay and sometimes a complete cessation in the perfect results. That is called double mindedness.
Negative spirits wait for you to give them negative plans and strategies through your thoughts and words. Those spirits are waiting for you to give them permission, through unbelieving thoughts and words, to bring destruction. Resist the negative thoughts and words and only speak and think in unity with your prayers.
Reinforce the ones who work and wish for your success and the success of all your family. We are all cooperating with you. Your angels are eager to bless you, just like I am. Agree with My plans and strategies by only thinking and speaking blessing words into the situation. That's when miracles happen, when blessing thoughts and blessing words are added to your prayers.
Love, God
James 1:2-8; John 10:10

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