Friday, August 8, 2008


Dear One,
How many mistakes should you allow a person in one day?
Using the same number as in the lesson on forgiveness, you should allow all men seventy times seven mistakes that require forgiveness every day.
When you consider the same ratio, that's less times a day than the times I forgive you of damaging thoughts, damaging attitudes, damaging words and damaging actions. So when you forgive seventy times seven offences in a day, you are forgiving only a fraction of the times that I forgive you in a day.
Consider your waking moments and the negative thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, criticism and judgment that you entertain just in a minute and then you will appreciate My forgiveness more than you ever have.
It's easy for Me to forgive because I understand.
Make it your aim to understand others so that you can forgive more easily.
Love, God
Matthew 18:21&22-35

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