Friday, August 1, 2008


Dear One,
You must resist every thought of fear. Fear has its own compensation for serving it, those being destruction, devastation, defeat, despair and depression.
Fear will attack your mind with vain imaginations, wrong assumptions, promises of impending doom and defeat or death. Fear never brings good images. It only brings bad images. Those bad images are given so that you will already be defeated in your mind, therefore causing you to believe for the worst scenario. Once you believe for it, then evil can bring it into being because you have agreed with evil and where two or three agree a thing is established. When you agree with fear you are in unity with it.
If you will refuse the fear, then you will refuse to believe the vain imaginations, the negative images of defeat which accompany the fear. When you refuse the fear, you disagree with the images of impending doom and you rob fear of its power. When you have refused to be in unity with fear you do not give it permission to accomplish its intentions in your life, which is defeat.
You must defeat fear rather than allowing it to defeat you.
You must destroy fear rather than allowing it to destroy you.
Images created in your mind by fear are not real, they are based on assumption and presumption. They are illusions. Don't accept them, don't dwell on them or you will give them the power to become real.
Fear is from hell, so it creates hell in your life. It procreates its own environment.
Speak My promises to the fear and it will flee. It hates to hear My promises because it knows that I will carry out My promises to all of My children and bring happiness.
Give fear a taste of his own medicine, tell it that it is a liar. Then declare your independence from it.
Love, God
Matthew 10:21; Luke 12:31 & 32; Romans 8:15; II Timothy 1:7; Hebrews 2:14 & 15

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