Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Dear One,
You can give up anytime you want to give up. You have that right under free will to give up at any time.
The devil is eagerly waiting for you to give up so that he can completely defeat you. His goal is to pressure you and pressure you until you are so tired of fighting that you will give up praying and let him complete his final plans, which is to kill you. He knows your weak points and he has saved his best arsenal until he has caused you to be weak, defeated, discouraged and hopeless. Then he can bring on the big stuff like catastrophic disease, depression and death.
If you declare to never give up and that you will defeat him, then he will begin to lose his power over you because deception is his powerful weapon. As long as he can deceive you into believing there is no hope, no future and that things will never change, then he has you deceived and defeated. The minute you stand up and declare that you will never be defeated is when he takes a step back and begins to lose his power over you. Every time you declare your victory over him he loses more of his power over you. Every declaration you speak of your victory and your position as a winner, the farther you get from his plans for you of defeat and death.
You are the head, not the tail, and you deserve the crown of Life because you are My child!
Declare every hour of the day that you are My child and you will not be defeated.
Love, God
James 4:7; John 10:10

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