Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stay in Love

Dear One,

Stay in Love.

I mean by that to stay in an attitude of Love, stay in the Spirit of Love. When one is able to do that, then all negative mental attacks will fall to the ground and you will not be fazed by tribulation, by trials or by testing of your faith by the devil. When you stay in Love, you are constantly protected by your protectors from all the darts of the enemy. Your spiritual enemy knows that Love conquers everything, so he will give up and try his tricks on others if he sees that you are immovable from your established station of Love. Love conquers everybody and everything. When you stay in Love you are not planting bad seeds but you are constantly walking in the crops of the Love seeds that you have planted. Sowing time and harvest time are guaranteed.

Love, God

Matthew 5:43-45;

Luke 6:27 &28;

John 13:34 &35;

Romans 5:5

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