Monday, August 18, 2008


Dear One,
My promises to you, My blessings and all of your inheritance depend upon only two conditions, love and peace.
There are often conditions attached to a last will of a person before an inheritance can be executed. However, My conditions are not there to make it hard for you to access your inheritance, they are there to facilitate it. They are the earthly conditions that enhance the spiritual atmosphere and the earthly emotional climate so that your inheritance will be easily dispensed to you..
My promises and My blessings are your rightful inheritance, and love and peace facilitate your reception of them more easily and expeditiously.
Those conditions, walking in love and keeping peace with all men, are really very easy to maintain when you walk in the Spirit.
Conversely, walking in the flesh will cause you to walk in strife, confusion and every evil work. When that happens it impedes My inheritance dispensing angels in their efforts to complete the orders that I have given to them to deliver your blessings to you. Even when great faith is present, without love and peace being present it is difficult to fill your storehouse with what is rightfully yours.
You have seen the same thing happen with earthly wills. When there is strife and contention within the family, often it is years before the final execution of the will is completed. When that happens, the courts and lawyers end up with the majority of the inheritance.
Do you see how important it is to walk in the Spirit by walking in love and keeping peace with all men? Your earthly and spiritual comfort depend upon it.
Love and peace are abundant in heaven. Make them abundant in your life and you will have the abundant life.
Love, God
Ephesians 5:2; II John 5 and 6; II Corinthians 13

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