Sunday, August 3, 2008


Dear One,
The object of the spirit of procrastination is to cause you to fail to be diligent so that failure will create the opportunity for fear to enter your mind.
When fear enters your mind then you will be immobilized and you will be tempted toward further procrastination, which brings more failure and fear, which will bring destruction.
Diligence in all matters prevents the ultimate outcome from procrastination which is destruction in your life.
Don't fall for the voice of procrastination which tells you that there will be another day to do an obligation.
Hop up, do the job with joy and you will be sowing seeds for prosperity to flood into your life.

Love, God
Luke 12:58; Romans 12:8; II Peter 1:5; Proverb 10:4 Proverbs 12:24; Proverbs 12:27; Proverbs 22:29

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