Thursday, August 14, 2008


Dear One,
Inside of every human being there is a beautiful unopened gift for the world. Often the outer wrappings are crude or ugly or vile or hateful or rebellious or angry or obstinate or blasphemous, but inside of the outer wrappings of that individual are beautiful, loving, compassionate, peaceful, righteous gifts from Me to the world.
The outer wrappings have often been designed and developed by the negative things of the world, their heredity, their experiences and their upbringings. Yet, the outer wrappings will fall away either in their earthly life or in the next life when truth sets every man free. When the outer wrappings fall away, then the true person, the beautiful gift, can be revealed.
Begin to see the gift from Me to you in every person no matter what the outer wrappings look like.
Also let every person see My valuable gift to them from inside of you. This is done by giving My gifts of encouragement, your words and looks of validation and showing My love to every person you meet. Begin to BE My gift to all men because I am in you.
When you look at a person, determine to see My valuable gift to you from inside of him. It is there and in the core, in the inner man.
When Jesus looked at the woman who had many demons He had to look past those wrappings and see the true person, the one in need of My love and help. I can do the same thing in you, allow you to look beyond the faults and see the needs of others. I do it for you and you can to it for others.
Love, God
John 8:15&16; John 13:34&36; I Corinthians 13:1-4;

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