Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dear One,
Your destiny is that you will be fortunate in all areas of your life.
A destiny is a predetermined course of events held by an irresistible power or agency for you. It has been set apart for a specific purpose, to make your life a life of peace and joy. That is what I have for you, your destiny, your good fortune, your peace, your joy.
So My song to you is, "Everything I have is yours. You're part of Me. Everything I have is yours, your destiny." That certainly accentuates our relationship as Father/child.
Yes, everything I have is yours.
Yes, you're part of Me because you are My child.
Yes, everything I have is yours.
Yes, having everything I promised to My children is your destiny.
I have given you the keys to My Kingdom. One key is forgiveness, one key is loving your enemies, one key is turning the other cheek when people strike you, one key is keeping unity with all men, one key is receiving my gifts of the Spirit in order to meet every need in your life. one key is to love Me with your whole heart, one key is to love your neighbor as yourself, one key is to listen to My individual instructions so that I can tell you how to find your treasures in every area of life. I gave all the keys to My Kingdom to you in the person of the Holy Spirit. He is the Master Key. He will reveal to you the keys to every problem in your life and He will reveal the solutions. That is your destiny because you are My child. My inheritance for you is your destiny.

Love, God
Matthew 5; Matthew 16:19; Luke 12:32
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