Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dear One,
My children's battles have never been with other people. They have always been with principalities and powers of the air. In other words the battles of people have always been with demons who motivate them and other people.
When My children think other people are their problem, they are still fleshly minded. They aren't now and never were spiritually minded.
When the Holy Spirit lives in you and you listen to Him, then He begins to reveal that demons are the problem with anything that goes wrong in the earth.
There should be no battles with people in the earth. The finale in every battle is that you win if you will realize that other people are not your problem. Put the blame where it belongs, on the demons who instigate strife, disease, conflict.
When you put the blame on other people, then you never win because the other person thinks he is just as right in the affair as you are. But when you realize that there are demonic spirits behind every upsetting thing and that the demons are determined to defeat you, then you must begin to use your spiritual armor, your prayer language and authority against them. You will use your love, your goodness, your kindness toward the humans involved. Then you will always win because it's always a spiritual battle, not a fleshly battle.
Your prayers are spiritual arsenal used against the demons.
Your love and kindness are spiritual powers used to change people.
As long as you attribute the problem to other people, then you let the demons get away with murder, mayhem, robbery, abuse, stife and every other evil act. My children are allowing demons to escape their rightful punishment by allowing them to escape the blame. You must make them accept responsibility and punish them by banishment to the abyss at your command.
By blaming people, you are sending the wrong beings to emotional prison and banishment from your sight. It should be the demons who are banished. They have motivated men by their wrong doing and yet they have escaped punishment because you have blamed the wrong being. You have blamed a human rather than blaming the demons who instigate and perpetuate the problem. In every situation you must realize that flesh and blood are not your problem.
If you are still blaming flesh and blood, you're still living the scenario of Adam and Eve, blaming a person instead of blaming the devil.
It's time for My children to know the difference and be able to walk in peace by using their authority and their power against the real enemy, the demons. And it's time to use love and kindness toward the perceived enemy, your friends, your family, your governing bodies, your bosses and all those people who are in authority.
I've given you the keys. Use the proper key to the proper lock. Battle against the demons in intercessory prayers, and then love and be merciful toward the people. Those keys will open My Kingdom for you.
Love, God
Ephesians 6:10-26; Matthew 5:21-26 and 38-48

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