Friday, April 30, 2010


Dear One,
Simple pleasures emerge from simple truths.
You have found that it takes very little investment on your part in getting what you want, desire and deserve as My child. What could be easier than being led by My Spirit and praying in My Spirit?.
Look to Me to find simple gifts from simple, uncomplicated things to bring you the very best of everything. They don't need to cost a fortune. They just need to appear in your eyesight as being gifts raining from heaven into your life.
Believing that forgiving someone who has wronged you carries a huge amount of pleasure is only the beginning of simple truths. Forgiveness lifts a weight from your physical body and your mind, and forgiveness removes a huge boulder from the roads leading from heaven to you so that My blessings can overtake you.
The simple truth of extending love to everyone, not just those who love you, is a simple truth which brings great rewards of love boomeranging back to you. It also charts your future and the future of your family with overflowing treasures in the emotional and physical realm.
The simple truth of listening to My guidance through the Holy Spirit brings freedom from fear, freedom from condemnation, freedom from guilt, freedom from misguided emotional bondage, freedom from religious lies, freedom from mistakes and freedom from wrong decisions. All of that comes from the simple practice of listening to the Spirit of Truth.
I always do all the work. You just enjoy the simple pleasure of praying in My Spirit and enjoying My fellowship, where the simple truths are found. I said My burden is light. Actually it's no burden at all for you when you pursue My simple truths.
Seeking My wisdom results in every good thing being added to you.
Love, God
Matthew 11:28-30; Matthew 5:43-48; John 14:26&27; John 16:12-15; Romans 8

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