Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear One,
My wisdom is always available to you and to all My children. It is always there for the taking.
My wisdom is a major part of your inheritance because it provides all of the elements for your success in every area of your life. In your inheritance wisdom is the Hope diamond in terms of value because it gives you insight and knowledge into all of life's problems and solutions.
All wisdom has been poured out to My children, and the Holy Spirit delivers it whenever there is a need. Call on My wisdom and it will be there because it is always yours. It is part of the legacy that I gave to you.
The wise man will always build his house upon the rock of revelation knowledge, which is My wisdom. When you access My wisdom in every situation, you build your life upon a perfect foundation that will never fail.
Remember, it is because of My vantage point of being Omnipresent that gives Me the opportunity to have wisdom in every situation for every one of My children. I know and understand all of the intricate workings of everything that concerns you, the people, the situations and the circumstances. That's why My wisdom through the Holy Spirit is always perfect. Don't let My wisdom go to waste by neglecting to consult Me in everything and anything that is perplexing to you. My wisdom is easy to access. I said to ask and you will receive. I repeat, you will receive.
Love, God
Proverbs 1:20-23: John 14:17 & 18; James 1:5-8

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